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Back to school sleep tips – the countdown starts now

Late nights, long lie ins and days without structure are just some of the joys the summer holidays bring kids – but it also plays havoc on their sleep patterns.
“As the start of a new school year looms, now is the time to get children back into their regular sleep routines,” said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council.
“It’s not uncommon to find that the long break disrupts bed and wake up times. However routine is key for a good night’s kip and in order to readjust sleep patterns, specialists recommend …

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Brand new Beano launches with a BANG!  #sobeano

 What were we doing this weekend? Getting gunged alongside celebs like Kate Garraway!
My kids, and several hundred more, took part in the Beano launch event for its new “boredom-busting assault on the WORLD” and new look across the comic, annual and Beano products.
Building on its much-loved comic roots, Beano’s new digital “Ultimate Feed of Awesome” is jam-packed with original videos, along with the best bits of YouTube, games, pics, quizzes and interactive fun to help imaginations run riot and keep kids (and even some grown-up ones…) giggling for hours.  It will be …

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New Sectors Site to Help You With Niche Business Advice

Sectors Donut launches on 12 September 2016. This major new website offers detailed guidance on how to set up a business in more than 200 different niches, plugging a yawning gap in UK business support.
•The 13,000-page Sectors Donut provides expert guidance on how to set up more than 200 specific types of business, covering everything from running a hotel, to becoming a tree surgeon, a web developer or even a used car dealer
•It joins the other five Donut advice websites which focus on law, tax, technology, marketing and starting up …

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Mother kissing her smiling child

Parents and caretakers today have an aversion to letting kids get dirty, in part because of the notion that children may get sick from germs they pick up. Children spend half as much time outside as they did only twenty years ago; school age kids ages spend a daily average of 7 hours and a half hours using entertainment media or screen time and only 6 percent of 9–13-year-olds go outside by themselves.
But for millions of years, children have grown up constantly exposed to the microbes around them. Consider a …

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During August 2016 Britain’s pensions deficits reached a record £459 billion as the interest rate cut sent liabilities soaring. FTSE 100 firms’ deficits were also at record breaking levels, estimated to be £46 billion in July this year, as opposed to £25 billion in 2015, and set to increase to £63 billion by the end of August.
There are a number of factors which have come into play that have seen pension deficit levels increase so dramatically since the global financial crash around 2007/8, when there was once a surplus. But …

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John Reynard HR

Life in business is generally viewed as macho, cut-throat, and uncaring. It is not perceived as an environment that fosters trust, openness, and creativity. The behaviour of some bankers in recent years has further advanced the belief that business is purely about profit and greed. It would appear that there is little place for integrity.
But do we really want to continue in this vein? asks John Reynard, author of ‘Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success – From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO’
John sees integrity is an expression of wholeness in …

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Small Business Advice – Watch for Expert Advice

What’s your best tip for small businesses? During this September’s Small Business Advice Week, a panel of industry experts took part in a roundtable event. The panel discussed the threats and opportunities SMEs encounter, and gave their advice on the topics. Check it out in the video below:

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Image via EHRC

EMPLOYERS who would like to increase their staff’s productivity should allow them to work from home, new research suggests.
A study of 1,096 British workers, including those who work from home and those who work from the office, carried out by CartridgePeople.com in their SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Workers Report, revealed that 57% believe they manage to get more work done when they are based at home, compared to when they are at their place of work.
Indeed, just 5% of workers report that working from home has a negative effect on …

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Who’s in control?  You or the Targets? #business #expertadvice

Targets can be great – they can help you understand where you are going and enable you to focus on getting there. However, during her many years of advising competitive, target-driven organisations, Jean Gamester of Semaphora has observed that targets have the potential to adversely distort behaviour and damage potential – just as much as they can inspire. Gamester believes we need to take control of the targets, otherwise they take control of us. Here’s her advice on how to do this:
Purpose driven targets
Let’s start with an organisation that is very …

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Do you look after aging parents and the needs of your children too? According to a new survey by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, one in four people aged 40-60 spend more time looking after the health of others than their own. 17 per cent admit that their own health suffers due to the demands of looking after others.
What effect is this having on people in this bracket? The research found that a fifth (20 per cent) feel pressured by their growing responsibilities. Almost three quarters (72 per …

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248,000 Brits building composite careers with direct selling
New figures show 248,000 people are building a composite career with direct selling, with 62% of the UK’s 400,000 direct sellers having another job.  Direct selling allows people to work for themselves by selling products directly to consumers through parties, face to face and online.
The new figures from the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade body for the industry, show that workers are now shunning the corporate ladder in favour of a composite career path, taking on jobs in different areas to broaden …