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Daisy pizza

It’s the worst feeling in the world, when somehow the world seems to think that you haven’t done your best for your child. Parenting and guilt are synonymous, but if your child is overweight, and particularly if someone else points this out, it can feel like falling into an abyss of failure. There are some practical tips, however, that can help you and your child eat healthily together. This isn’t a magic wand, but will help your child learn healthy eating habits, one of the best inheritances a parent can …

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No one is perfect, and anyone who claims to be is far less perfect than the rest of us. A new year brings the chance to reinvent who we are and re-emerge into the world as a brand new person. You may want to change your job, take up a hobby, get fit, or simply become a better person. If we are centred and emotionally balance, it’s easier for us to achieve our goals; which is why spring is a great time to change what you don’t like about yourself, …

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We all use screens every day. Whether you use a computer at work, or spend all your spare time on your tablet, here are a few tips to help you look after your eyes.

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 By Professor Matt Sanders, founder of the Triple P — Positive Parenting Program
 For many working parents with children at home, getting out of the door in order to get to the office or an important meeting can be both exhausting and time consuming.
The key is organisation.
Get yourself ready first, before your child. To avoid last minute rushing prepare some things the night before and go to bed at a reasonable hour so you’ll wake early enough.
I also recommend against having the television on in the morning. Better to make sure …

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Shweta Jhajharia

Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. These are the people that most business owners aspire to; leaders with incredible vision who have built empires through their powerful leadership.
But while Steve Jobs was envisioning the iPhone, Steve Wozniak was building Apple. While Bill Gates imagined a PC on every desk, Paul Allen was building Microsoft. Next to these monolith leaders was an equally monolith manager – and, according to Shweta Jhajharia of The London Coaching Group, that’s really important.
Leadership and management are NOT in competition – one is not better or more important …

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Get crafty with the kids

Easter is approaching, and it only seems like half term was just over. I’m not sure how I’m going to occupy my three over the holidays when I still have to work and go to uni, but I know that they will be getting out crafts, pens, glue and paper. Easter is a great time to start crafting: start simple and order foam eggs to decorate. You can use anything from paint, sticky shapes, glitter or patterned paper applied in small pieces. We will definitely be doing this as the …

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Imagine that you have made a new recipe, and your friend has come to visit and you’re trying to describe what you’re created …but you aren’t allowed to let her taste it. Or imagine if you want to show your product to someone … but they have their eyes shut. And perhaps your product is beautiful, and feels great to the touch, but they aren’t allowed to touch it either?
Our senses are so important when it comes to making any decision. We use sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell to evaluate …

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Karma Feeling

Gaynor Osborne-Lawn had a successful career in telecommunications. However, after becoming pregnant with her first child she faced the choice of continuing with her career and paying expensive childcare costs or creating an alternative in order to spend quality time with her child. The 39 year old mum chose the latter and created Karma Feeling, a jewellery business which she runs from her kitchen table. Based in Beverley and selling online, Gaynor admits that she took a leap of faith when she left her career but it was the best …

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Log into our live and interactive WebTV show where sleep expert Kathleen McGrath and former athlete Roger Black MBE discuss the importance of a good night’s kip and give top tips on finally getting a good night’s sleep 
Tiredness can make us irritable and grumpy, reduce productivity levels, increase our anxiety levels, lead to weight increase as we eat to counter a lack of energy as well as weakening our immune system as our sleepless nights build up.
So for those of us failing to get the recommended eight hours a night …

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Whether you’re selling to a market of ten or ten million, one of the most effective ways to learn how to improve your marketing is to talk with a single person and sell something to them.
According to William Buist of Abelard Collaborative Consultancy and xTEN Club, marketing isn’t a science. It’s an art-form with a lot of science surrounding it. It’s a matter of human interaction.
This may sound a little too broad and all-encompassing, but it generally holds true: any marketing strategy that works in a one-on-one scenario will tend …

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Angel with children 1

Your Name and Age:
Angel Priest, I’m 33 years old.
Tell us about your family:
I’m a single mum to four beautiful children. My eldest is Aimee who’s 12 years old, I have twin boys, Damon and Dylan who are 9 years old and my youngest girl, Amber who is 6 years old.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I used to work as a shop floor supervisor. Although I enjoyed my job, I did find it hard to juggle my time …