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If your child still isn’t sleeping through, you’re not alone. Did you know that:

Up to 40% of children will experience a sleep problem at some point in their childhood
Up to 86% of children with special needs will suffer with sleep problems.
Poor sleep patterns impact on learning and cognitive ability, children who are sleep deprived often fail to meet their full potential in school

These facts come from the Children’s Sleep charity, a charity that supports parents and trains family support workers to help parents too.
Here is a round up of some sleep …

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Dirk Deichmann High Res

Leaders who act like role models are less effective in stimulating employees’ creativity than those who set clear objectives and offer extrinsic rewards, new research from Rotterdam School of Management reveals.
Two different types of leadership were observed: transactional and transformational.
Employees who work for transactional leaders, who set clear goals and offer rewards when they meet them, are 14% more creative than employees who work with a transformational leader.
Comparing transactional leaders against each other – leaders who scored low against leaders who scored very highly – the numbers were even more …

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Light bulb

Your kids are pulling at one leg, and your staff at the other. Your home is a plate-spinning act, and your business is adding plenty more crockery to the mix. But no matter how chaotic your work environment, you have to make its surface look as calm as a Hindu cow.
Just imagine one of your clients wandering into your office, only to find it messier than a hurricane-hit town and noisier than an urban riot. You’d shed enough customers to hit bankruptcy by the end of the year.
Instead of a …

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Thrifty ideas to entertain the kids this half term

I’m bored Mum! The cry goes up and you flinch at the onslaught. Every toy is on the floor, yet none of them are interesting. It’s raining again and no-one wants to go for a walk, so what do you do? Here are some thrifty and low cost ideas to help you survive half term. Some of them do require a little planning in advance, but it is worth it to save on costly trips out just because you can’t bear the moaning!
1. Plan an exciting trip out. Exciting doesn’t …

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This image courtesy of Shutterstock

Having a fulltime job is difficult enough – now try balancing that on top of your six-year-old child hugging at your legs every five minutes. And as endearing as that is, childcare will add tons more stresses and strains to your working life.
But there’s more than that. If you’ve been out of work while raising your kids, you might want to take those maternal instincts into the workplace, seeking a position that’ll be more caring and sensitive than the murky world of the rat race.
To help you on your way, …

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Female contractors have done the unthinkable and closed the gender pay gap and are now earning more than their male counterparts. 46% of female contractors in the IT sector are earning daily rates of between £500 and £1000, compared to just 38% of males, according to a recent survey. This gap has widened from the previous year where 41% of female IT contractors and 39% of males were in this pay bracket.
This new statistic is a stark contrast to those working in permanent employment, where males have a notably higher …

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 One of the biggest changes in a decade to the cost of the telecoms calls for individuals and businesses is coming in less than two months – but very few are ready for it.   Ofcom has called the initiative UK Calling and it is important for businesses to be prepared.
Last year, for most industries serving consumers, the use of 0845, 0870 etc. for post sales customer service was banned.   However it didn’t address the actual cost of these calls for other uses, resulting in many callers facing unexpected call bills.
Many …

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Image from Shutterstock

When you get to the end of a long day spent looking after the kids, do you want to lie back and relax? However, this time is often the only time when you can enjoy your own interests, without children in the way, so here are a few online hobbies that will let you get the most out of this time while still taking it easy.
Shopping online
This is incredibly easy to do these days, as there is hardly a single major store that doesn’t have a website with shopping options. Generally all you have …

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A new survey commissioned by leading office ergonomics experts, Fellowes, has revealed that many employees experience physical discomfort on a daily basis (22 per cent) due to the neglect of their health and wellbeing.
More than three quarters of UK employees (80 per cent) are resorting to making homemade solutions for their ergonomic needs, as a result of risk assessments not taking place. If you currently have a pile of glossy magazines propped underneath your display screen or have your feet resting on a cardboard box under your desk, you’re contributing …

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Instantly Double Your Storage Space with Mezzanine Floors

Lack of storage in any business premises is a considerable problem. Not only can the staff who are in charge of stock levels find it hard to keep an eye on lines which are getting close to being out of stock, and potentially holding up other business processes as a result, but cramped storage conditions often mean that items become damaged or lost as other things are shoved on top of them. Utilising a small amount of storage space – even if it is not truly fit for purpose – …

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gateway to something new

Feel the fail … and do it anyway!
If you take a few minutes to read this, sitting at your desk, mug in your hand, how do you feel? Are you satisfied or frustrated? Is everything going swimmingly in your work and home life, or do you have an unrealised ambition?
For most of us, there will be something that we still want to do. Grow the business, write a book, move house – everyone has dreams, but for many people they remain dreams becuase we are afraid to take risks, afraid …