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Find out about: Being a Mumpreneur

Having a new baby or young family can be overwhelming, and starting a new business is all consuming. So why do so many mums do both? Despite developing flexible working legislation, many jobs still don’t offer sufficient flexibility, and some mums want the freedom of being their own boss to allow them to prioritise time with their family. Starting a business when you have baby or toddler can be a big challenge, but it is entirely possible too. Here are some pointers from Antonia Chitty of Family Friendly Working, to …

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Do you throw out food? #foodonfriday

As many families across the UK tighten their belts in preparation for Christmas, new research by My Family Club reveals that six in 10 (57%) households are still throwing away food unnecessarily, despite being on a tight household budget.
The main reason for throwing away food was that it had exceeded the best before date, with nearly five in 10 (45%) families stating that they throw away food because it was after the best before date despite watching the pennies each month. This regular food wastage in the UK is leading to …

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Kelle red shot smiling 1 2mb

From Eternal to Mumpreneur, Kelle Bryan knows all about success. In this article find out how she started and grew Advocate, a specialist company sourcing specialist artists with a select client list of multicultural artists who strive for excellence in their field, read about her business ethics and ideals, and how she does this all while being mum to a 2 year old and a 4 year old.
Tell us about your family
I am happily married with children aged 4 and 2. My husband works in finance and has brilliant family …

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How to structure your presentation for maximum impact
As a business person, chances are you are going to have to do a presentation sooner or later. If the thought of composing something from scratch strikes you with fear, Laura Bruce from Toastmasters International has some advice that will make every presentation you create much simpler to master.
It’s called “the power of three”. The word “power” is very apt. When you are making a presentation – whether it’s a pitch to a potential new client or updating your colleagues on the latest …

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mumpreneur inspiration

Josie Cornhill is working a on a project to share the stories of Mums who have started their own businesses, hopefully to inspire other Mums who are thinking of becoming self employed. The stories will be shared via our website and social media and I’m now at a point where she would like to find a more stories before she launches. She says: “If you’re a Mum running a business and you’d like to be a part of it then all you need to do is let me know your …

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Elaine Hanzak - banner (2)

I had post natal depression after Daisy was born, and I know it made me think twice about what would happen if I got pregnant again. The birth was much easier: I panicked a few days after the birth, but fortunately it was normal baby blues, and I went on to have a much easier time second time around. In this article, Elaine Hanzak, author of Another Twinkle in the Eye: Contemplating Another Pregnancy After Perinatal Mental Illness shares advice to help you if you are in the same …

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Chocolate courgette bread recipe #foodonfriday

Chocolate and green veg might not sound like the perfect pairing but this recipe is unexpectedly delicious; the addition of grated courgette gives this loaf a lovely moist texture and it is tasty! Serve it hot out of the oven, and it will become your staple autumn warmer treat.
Nutritionist and chef Christine Bailey shows us just how quick and easy this bake can be. It’s dairy and gluten free and thanks to the zero calorie stevia sweetener, it won’t affect your blood glucose levels- perfect if you’re catering for any …

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Sue Richardson HR

Could your business benefit from publishing a book? After all, at the heart of every business lies a rich seam of stories, expertise and knowledge just waiting to be revealed and turned into profits.
Sue Richardson of SRA Books has worked with many business authors and in her experience the most successful have been those who have been very clear from the start about their objectives for publishing.
Richardson sums up these objectives as ‘the five pearls of publishing’:

 Purpose (passion)

Purpose (passion)
Most business owners are pretty passionate about what they do and passion …

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William Buist 3 LR 300x212

Whether you are the CEO of the company, or someone elsewhere on the totem pole, your role matters. There are various functions that each member of the team, as well as your customers, should be able to count on you to provide. Everyone is expected to deliver on their responsibilities and come through on promises and commitments made. This is what we call the “baseline of accountability”. According to William Buist, founder of xTEN Club, knowing the baseline, means individuals truly know what they are responsible for, why it matters, who …

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Kelle red shot smiling 1 2mb

Entrepreneur, actress and mother of two, Kelle Bryan has been named Ambassador for the Family and Childcare Trust, and will support their campaign to make British childcare more effective and affordable for working parents. Kelle is calling on parents to sign a petition asking the government to invest £535 million in improving the inflexible and expensive, existing Childcare system.
In 2017 parents of children aged two –four years old will be entitled to 30 hours free childcare with registered child-minders or nurseries – an increase from the current 15 hours parents …

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The Awards Roll In At Strider Bike …

It’s been a month to remember at Strider Bike UK.
October couldn’t have got off to a better start when on the opening day of the month they won three awards and were shortlisted for another.
They were a Silver winner in the Best Toy Awards 2015 run by Right Start, the essential family life magazine for parents of children aged 6 months to 7 years.
This is a huge accolade and means their product will be published in the magazine’s Best Toy Guide – published this week and going out to a …