Book Review:Start and Run a Successful Beauty Salon

How To Books are an excellent series for anyone setting up a business, and Start and Run a Successful Beauty Salon: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing or Acquiring Your Own Salon is no exception. If you want to work in beauty therapy this book explains almost everything you need to take into account.

 It is mainly aimed at people who want to run a salon, but also explains about the pros and cons of working from home as a beauty therapist, setting up as a mobile therapist and taking a room in a hairdressers or gym. It will help anyone get to grips with sales techniques, staff management, product seclection and more. There are plenty of tips that will help your beauty salon succeed, such as explanations of how to ensure your receptionist sells the business really well, maximises staff time and understands how to upsell.

The book includes staff contracts and helps you devise policies and procedures: in this it contains many similar ideas to other, more general business book, but tailored to the aspiring salon owner. In other chapters issues such as choosing a hot towel cabinet or microdermabrasion machine are addressed, and I suspect there are few other books that do this.

If you are just thinking about a career in beauty, the book also looks at qualifications and professional bodies and would, I think, give you a very realistic idea of the profession that you could enter into. The one chapter I think is a little weak is that on marketing, advertising and promotion, but it is hard to fit everything in in enough detail in a book that aims to cover all the issues of running a salon. I found the final chapter particularly interesting as it helps you analyse your own personality to see if you are suited to running a salon: the advice here could certainly apply to any business owner.

Start and Run a Successful Beauty Salon costs around £8 on Amazon at time of writing. An excellent buy for anyone interested in working in beauty, aspiring to own a salon or looking to improve the way their salon runs.


Reviewed by Antonia Chitty

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  • I found your review very useful and helpful to all those interested in the beauty industry. And you stated that the marketing chapter was a little weak. My observation with all those that are involved with a trade such as a stylist or even a cabinet maker spend so much of their time on delivery a quality product or service and very little time on learning to market themselves. I have put together a resource for the stylists as I’ve been through this exact dilemma. And so marketing is what my website is about and I have a book available as well called “High Stylin … A Salon Business Building System” which will take a stylist from A to Z and get them customers coming in their doors.

  • Hey, I loved the post. I recently celebrated my 5 year anniversary of my first Botox appointment date and I am still very satisfied with the results. I’m sure the doctors are getting better by the day, as well. Anyway, keep up the terrific work!

  • I came across this excellent book which I now consider a must have for all beauticians while browsing in Waterstone’s business section.

    I bought it as I am already a trained beautician keen to start my own business and be my own boss but havent really got any business experience and know little about the business world and didn’t know where to start.

    I found the book very easy to read, it contained plenty of practical advice and very useful information with regards to how to choose a location, premises and decor. It covers in detail the financial side of the business (my weakness..) and the necessary regulations, the business and marketing information was well covered and I found it straightforward with no fancy language. Obviously it covered the beauty side of things too. I particularly liked the fact it had top tips which would outline the main important points as you are reading through and reiterate them again and plenty of do’s and dont’s again making it easy to follow.

    This book covers the things that are not taught in beauty school and I have a feeling I will be referring back to it again and again.

    Like Antonia I really did enjoy the final chapter which I think is brilliant, it talks about the YOU factor, basically covering what you need as a person to succeed which convinced me that I DO have it in me to start my own beauty business and am now looking for suitable premises!

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