New Book: How to start a successful business in your spare time

A new book from best-selling author, Emma Jones, reveals thatover 5 million people are holding down a day job and buildinga business at nights and weekends. Working 5 to 9: How to Start a Successful Business in Your Spare Time delves in to theworld of the part-time entrepreneur, offers 50 ideas forbusinesses you can start on the side, and features 60 successful5 to 9’ers alongside advice on sales, marketing, technology and how to maintain a social life whilst working day, and night!

“It was in late 2008 when I spotted a new angle to the businesses we were profiling on Enterprise Nation” saysEmma, “People were still identifying gaps in the market or turning a passion, hobby or skill into a way of making a living,yet they were doing so at the end of their normal working day.”

Motivated by fear of being made redundant or just a desire toearn extra cash and unleash creative talent, 5 to 9’ers are operating across the UK and across a range of sectors, from fashion to farming, and magic to mobile applications.

Gwen Howell is a fine example. By day, found in suit and heels carrying out duties as an estate agent, before heading home to pull on wellies and work on her part-time business as a rarebreed pig farmer.

Students, Mums and semi-retirees are alsoembracing this way of working: John Randall studies by daybefore turning attention to his fast-growing bouncy castlebusiness, and it’s during baby’s sleep time and toddlers schooltime that Victoria Dixon works on her successful picture business, Enhance Me. If you are a busy parent but love business and are interested in earning a degree, check out an online business degree.

Click HereProfiled 5 to 9’ers share the story ofhow they got started and offer tips on topics ranging from timemanagement to financial planning.“Starting a business whilst still in employment is the best wayto start” offers Emma “it’s low cost and low risk and you giveyourself time to build confidence and the all-importantcashflow.”

Emma Jones is the founder of home business website EnterpriseNation ( and author of best-selling book Spare Room Start Up: How to start a business from home. Emma started her first business at the age of 27 (by working 5 to 9!) and successfully sold it within two years of trading. She launchedEnterprise Nation in January 2006.The site is a free resource for anyone starting and growing a businessfrom home. Over 100,000 people visit the site each month to readfresh daily content, watch the home business show, and meet peers inthe forum. As well as the site, Enterprise Nation hosts the Home Business Awards, produces the annual Home Business Report and advises the British government on the topic. Emma appears regularly in the media talking about small businesses,working from home and setting up a business in your spare time.

Working 5 to 9: How to Start a Successful Business in Your Spare Time
published in May 2010 by Harriman HouseISBN: 9781906659684, Pb, RRP: £12.99 Available in all good bookshops

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