Book Review: And What Do You Do? by Barrie Hopson & Katie Ledger

“Who these days expects to be working for the same employer until they retire?” This was the question that I was asked when I started working life a little under 15 years ago. In that time the question has changed into “Who expects to be working for only one employer, possibly at the same time, until they retire?”. For it is likely that the working generation now may find themselves either by choice or by necessity working for a number of businesses.

The precept of this book is that every job is now temporary or without long-term assurance, so therefore  most of us are effectively self-employed but with one source of revenue coming in (I.e 100% from your current boss). With this book someone can decide whether the leap into a so-called portfolio career is desirable, but also whether you are someone who can make that leap.

Whilst most of us singly-employed do not think about networking and social media as possibilities waiting to happen, a portfolio worker uses these tools to create an employment lifestyle that meets not just their financial needs but fills the gaps that conventional employment cannot answer.

This book looks at the skills you can bring to a portfolio career, as well as marketing and branding yourself in such a way that a potential employer can see you as not just a CV with a random selection of previous roles that have no coherence. It will even help you plot the transition from ‘normal’ life to a new ‘normal’ portfolio life, both in terms of managing the money, time and workflow.

I found this book to be an incredibly useful tool in identifying the sorts of things that  need to be considered when changing your working lifestyle. There are no guarantees that this book will make the problems go away, but it will provide you with most of the answers when you are questioned.


Reviewed by:  Will Roney

Available Here: And What Do You Do? by Barrie Hopson & Katie Ledger

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