Book Review: Writers in Black and White by Alanna Lynott and Solange Berchemin

The subtitle of ‘Writers in Black and White’ is Contemporary authors discuss the writing life. This is not only true for the content of this book, but for the whole feel of it. This book is set out to discuss the thoughts and the words of 31 contemporary authors who range from the overtly recognisable such as Lee Child and Hanif Kureshi to perhaps less well known (in my knowledge anyway) such as Alex Horne and Heidi Rice. The two or three pages per writer are predominantly written as a summary, though in the case of a couple of them, such as Lee Child, are presented as a Q&A session.

There is beauty in all aspects of this book, from the modern formatting to the incorporation of  thoughtful photographs of the varied subjects. Extra depth is added as the subjects cannot be wholly pigeon-holed as a particular type of writer producing a single genre of output. There are fiction writers, non-fiction authors, screenwriters, journalists, and comedians. The variety is demonstrated by the inclusion of popular fiction from Minette Walters to more obscure fiction such as Dr Anna Whitelock’s “Mary Tudor: England’s First Queen”. To finish each profile off, each writer gets a full bibliography of their body of work along with a website if the reader wants to know more.

This is a book to get behind the headlines, and to be there to dip into forever as new writers seek inspiration and background from their favourite authors.


Book ReviewWriters in Black and White, by Alanna Lynott and Solange Berchemin

ISBN – 978-1-9076-8815-7

Reviewed ByWill Roney

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