5 career change tips for mums by Position Ignition

Whether you’re looking for employment in a different field of work, or you’re starting up your own business, balancing career change with being a mum is challenging to say the least. Here are a few tips for making the transition successfully.

1.      Have a clear plan

Probably the hardest part is to come up with a plan of what to do. It’s relatively easy after you get clear on what you want and how you’re going to get it-all your energy and thinking falls into line with your direction of career travel.

2.      Sort out your life as a mum

Think about how this is going to impact on your family. Don’t fall into the trap of pursuing this new plan without reassessing your home life and then suddenly coming under huge amounts of pressure. It’s a recipe for frustration and arguments.

3.      Be clear about how much time you’re going to invest

Work out where your boundaries are so you don’t encroach on them. One of the things mums find most difficult is apportioning their time because there are so many things they’re responsible for-finding a new job or starting up your own business will of course put even more constraints on your time. Get some help in your job hunt by using cv templates, for example. Be smart and save time!

4.      Make time for yourself

If you’re trying to squeeze in even more than you did before, it’s really important to have ‘you’ time. Try and create some time where you can re-energise in whichever way suits you best, whether it’s having a long bath, going for a walk, or curling up with a book.

5.      Communicate well

Let people both inside and outside the home know what you’re doing. Be really straight with them that your busiest times of the day are out of bounds. Whether you’re going to networking events in the evenings to find out more about different careers, or running a shop where the busiest time is the afternoons, let those around you know that your phone will be off.

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