Book Review: Twitter Your Business By Mark Shaw

There are few big internet companies that truly have a global presence. Facebook and Google are two, and a third is Twitter. Launched in 2006 it has changed the immediacy of news and events all around the world. In five short years, messages and promotions of 140 characters or less have revolutionised how we all communicate and it has changed the world forever. For the uninitiated, Twitter can seem a little fast-flowing and daunting compared to the more sedentary Facebook. I use these terms loosely as in the world of the Web nothing is truly slow.

Twitter is a rare social network that allows you to change twitter handle aka username. You can always replace your crappy username with a new one. It is pretty much a useful option.

In Mark Shaw’s book “Twitter your Business”, he attempts to guide the reader into this stream of thought and provide a way for a business to tap and harness the power of Twittering.

A basic understanding of Twitter terminology is provided – do you know your @replies from your #hash tags, DMs or Retweet? There are basic descriptions of what these all mean, and this is the mark of the book that it provides the basics, but also advanced stuff like knowing what time in the day for your tweets to have maximum impact, and whether a dashboard program such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck might be a better solution than interacting directly with the site.

With additional information that allow the user to understand how effective their business exposure on twitter is, this book is a good foundation in understanding the micro-messaging phenomena. Anyone who is starting out on Twitter and doesn’t purchase this ebook will be disadvantaged. They will be looking in many places for the same information that is provided here in one place. An excellent guide to twittering..


Book Review: Twitter Your Business, by Mark Shaw

Review Date: 19th March 2011

Reviewer: Will Roney

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