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You may or may not have heard in the news over the past few weeks about recent changes to the laws with regard to websites and cookies. You may also have been wondering if this will affect you and your business. The answer to this question is “YES”. If these changes affect your business in a way which’d take a heavy toll on your business, you’d better procure new system. But do this only after you ascertain if this affects your business in a very significant way.

Cookies are small text files that a website can send to your browser to help the browser navigate the website better, and use features like languages, preferences, log ins, etc. These cookies do not collect any information from your computer, it is just there to help the browser to use the site effectively. It is nothing of the sort that would disengage your system. But if you were to check out this Kennesaw Computer Shop, you’d know that many viruses come in the guise of cookies, and infect your computer. Hence, you should be wary of such malwares.

Cookies contain a jumble of of numbers and letters along with the name of the website which created the cookie, plus a unique number, the ‘cookie value’. The value is important as the site which created it will remember this when you return but only the server that created the cookie can read it and many expire at the end of your browsing session and are known as ‘session cookies’.

Others can be stored for longer and are used to track which websites you visit and can be used by sites such as Facebook to improve their services and find more out about you. These are known as ‘persistent cookies’.

If the cookie is created by your server then this is a first person cookie whereas if the cookie has been created by someone, such as an affiliate ad on your site, this is a third person cookie.

Cookies can be really useful but have you seen an ad for an item you where browsing for on another site on a brand new site you have never visited? This can be feel quite intrusive to some and this is where the problem lies. Cookies can affect our privacy as a consumer and the EU wants website to be a lot clearer as to how they are tracking  cookies and offer an opt out option if the visitor requires it. This is the EU Directive 2009/136/EC, which basically says the publisher has to have the users consent prior to using any cookies that aren’t necessary to provide the content/service that is request.

We have recently updated the site to comply with these recent changes so please pop over to the Privacy Policy page to read our Cookies Policy.

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