Travel without children – 22% of parents would like to holiday without their children

 summer-holidays-nokidsAs the summer holidays near, an online voucher code website has found that over fifth of parents in the UK would like to go on holiday without their children. They also found that just over two thirds of childless adults would rather stay at an adult only resort.

An online voucher code website has been looking into the preferences of adults in the UK to find out if they would rather go on holiday with or without their children and whether childless adults would rather stay at adult only resorts.

To find out the travel preferences of adults aged over 18 in the UK, My Voucher Codes asked 1024 respondents (both male and female) if they had children. Those who had children were then asked: “Would you rather spend holiday with your children or without them?” – 22% said they would rather travel without their children, whilst 51% said they would rather travel with their children. Meanwhile 27% would be happy to travel with their children however they would like to have the opportunity to go away without them.

summer-holidays-cocktailTo find out more, those who said they would like to go away without their children were asked: “What type of holiday would you take without your children?” They could then choose from a list of options, the results can be seen below:

  • City breaks – 34%
  • Spa breaks – 28%
  • Tropical islands – 24%
  • Road trips – 18%
  • Cruise – 12%

Respondents who had no children were asked: “Would you rather stay at a resort where children were welcome or one where they were not allowed?” – 62% of childless respondents wanted to stay somewhere that did not allow children, whilst 24% were happy to stay somewhere that children were welcome. However 14% said it would depend on where they were going.

Mark Pearson founder of My Voucher Codes, commented on the findings, he said:

“We can understand some parents feeling like they need a break from their children and holiday without them, however we don’t know how happy the kids would be, being left behind. It’s interesting to see that those happy to go on a summer holiday with their children would also like a shorter break away without children, factoring in partner time. Which can be easy to forget when you have a family.”

He added:

“For those without children it can be hard spending time you want to be relaxing surrounded by noisy or unruly children. Adult only hotels are a great option, but now many big resorts have kids clubs to keep them occupied and hopefully the rest of the guests relaxed.”



My Voucher Codes is the leading voucher, coupon and discount deals website in the UK.

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