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[ 21 Apr 2016 | No Comment ]

Help for self employed businesses. Don’t miss out on valuable support from HMRC. Running a business is complicated so HMRC wants to help by making online tax support available. Many thousands have already benefitted from our help by joining our webinars. Why not join us to find out more about how to correctly claim allowable expenses, good record keeping, simple accounting and much more. No special equipment is needed to take part – just click on the link to sign up and receive an invitation to join. It’s that simple:
25 …

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[ 7 Mar 2016 | No Comment ]

For most of us work is a necessity: it pays the bills, feeds and clothes the children, and pays for that desperately needed holiday in the summer. Most of us will also be concerned about the money we have in our pocket, wallet or bank, that’s the money that sees us through from week to week , month to month.
Those of us who are on PAYE have our tax and National Insurance taken from us “at source”, so we know exactly what our budget is going to be on an …

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[ 29 Jan 2016 | No Comment ]

Lots of us with small children at home worry about sorting out our financial affairs. Our recent research tells us that 27% of Tired Parents say that they worry about their finances but do not know what to do, 14% are usually “too tired to think about anything financial” and 15% “put their head in the sand”. Sound familiar?
But don’t panic. If you can fit a stairgate on three hours’ sleep, making some simple changes to your financial life is child’s play in comparison.
There are three things which I think …

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[ 21 Jan 2016 | No Comment ]

Most business owners hear the word marketing and believe it’s all about lead generation; pulling in new enquiries and gaining new customers. However according to Shweta Jhajharia of The London Coaching Group this is not the whole picture. Marketing is actually about getting more business. And that includes getting more value out of your existing customer base.
In order to understand how to achieve this there are two customer terms that need to be defined:
“Profitable” – i.e. the customer is bringing you high value. This is the absolute gross profit taking …

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[ 8 Jan 2016 | No Comment ]

If there are two terms likely to induce a deep sigh and/or a slumping of shoulders, it’s HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR). And not without good reason.
Good news: not everyone needs to complete a SATR.
Bad news: for those who do, it’s sometimes not straight forward and there are penalties if you fail to submit your SATR on time, or if HMRC take the view that not enough care has been taken in completing it.
Good news: if you make a mistake on your SATR you’ve normally …

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[ 6 Jan 2016 | No Comment ]

Starting your own business is one of the biggest challenges that you will face, HMRC recognise that and with that in mind we have a produced a comprehensive range of digital support delivered in a way that suits you. We have listened to those actually running businesses and have designed our support where it may be needed most.
Have a look at our starting your own business ” e-learning, that will show you amongst other things how to keep business records and how to recognise and claim business expenses (don’t pay …

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[ 14 Dec 2015 | No Comment ]
Carol 2

Capital Gains: the good news/bad news tax. Good news … you’ve made money. Bad news … well, it’s a tax.
Capital Gain is the difference between what you paid for something and the amount you sell it for, and the amount of tax you pay on a Capital Gain depends on your income.
Here’s how it works:

Calculate your gain
Subtract your annual tax-free allowance (£11,100 for the 2015-16 tax year and £11,000 for the 2014-15 tax year)
Subtract allowable expenses
Whatever remains is added to your income: if the total is below the higher rate …

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[ 2 Nov 2015 | No Comment ]

Your friends are wearing horrendous jumpers, lights are hanging from every inch of your house and you can’t escape the sound of Mariah Carey. This can only mean one thing – the Christmas season is here! Whilst we may jump with joy at the thought of time off work, great food and gifts, the cost of Christmas shopping may have already begun to linger in the back of your mind. Here, Busy Bees Benefits, a provider of an employer dependent Retail Discounts scheme, explains the best ways to avoid over-spending …

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[ 22 Oct 2015 | No Comment ]

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding, but also hugely challenging with a multitude of issues to keep on top of.  One of the biggest concerns is often cashflow and financing. Keeping your business in the black can often be an uphill battle for small and medium sized businesses.
Research conducted over the past 12 months shows that a shocking 1-in-8 UK businesses have used personal credit cards for financing, whilst 1 in 4 have relied heavily on overdraft facilities to keep their business trading.
The research also reveals that 15% …

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[ 15 Sep 2015 | No Comment ]

Anyone running a business is all too aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow. The money that goes out of your business has to be matched by the funds that come in, otherwise you’ll soon be in financial
Emergencies do happen
Not every business can rely on their bank for an emergency loan. You may be in debt up to the hilt, and if an unexpected business expense does occur you will have to source other
It’s useful to remember that if you do have an expensive car you can …