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[ 2 Nov 2015 | No Comment ]

Your friends are wearing horrendous jumpers, lights are hanging from every inch of your house and you can’t escape the sound of Mariah Carey. This can only mean one thing – the Christmas season is here! Whilst we may jump with joy at the thought of time off work, great food and gifts, the cost of Christmas shopping may have already begun to linger in the back of your mind. Here, Busy Bees Benefits, a provider of an employer dependent Retail Discounts scheme, explains the best ways to avoid over-spending …

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[ 22 Oct 2015 | No Comment ]

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding, but also hugely challenging with a multitude of issues to keep on top of.  One of the biggest concerns is often cashflow and financing. Keeping your business in the black can often be an uphill battle for small and medium sized businesses.
Research conducted over the past 12 months shows that a shocking 1-in-8 UK businesses have used personal credit cards for financing, whilst 1 in 4 have relied heavily on overdraft facilities to keep their business trading.
The research also reveals that 15% …

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[ 15 Sep 2015 | No Comment ]

Anyone running a business is all too aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow. The money that goes out of your business has to be matched by the funds that come in, otherwise you’ll soon be in financial
Emergencies do happen
Not every business can rely on their bank for an emergency loan. You may be in debt up to the hilt, and if an unexpected business expense does occur you will have to source other
It’s useful to remember that if you do have an expensive car you can …

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[ 12 Sep 2015 | No Comment ]

If you receive tiny payments from your customers, but they make them over and over again, you’re part of a new trend. Micropayments for online purchases are a great way to get income but you need to set it up right. Read this infographic for more ideas.

View Interactive Version (via Choice Loans).

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[ 27 Aug 2015 | No Comment ]

Does your Year End threaten the sustainability of your business? Choosing the wrong Year End could mean disaster.
Whether trading as a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company, every business needs to have a period up to which it makes its accounts and other returns.
You may think that, as with your personal tax self-assessment returns, the Year End for your business must be April 5th.  However, according to Carol Cheesman of Cheesmans Accountants this is not so.
There are some quite complex rules about the period of accounts that are …

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[ 20 Aug 2015 | No Comment ]

You need a new van for your small business. It’s probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your company, but should you buy it outright or lease it? Each method has its own upsides, yet sometimes identifying these amid all the noise of the marketplace can be tough.
Let’s look at the differences.
Buying a van
Buying a car after learning to drive is an open and shut case – you have a car to call your own. Buying a van for your business means that, yes, the van is yours, …

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[ 15 Aug 2015 | No Comment ]

If you are looking for a self employed mortgage there are some ways that you can help to ensure your search is as straight forward and as easy as possible. Finding a lender who understands the needs of those looking for a self employed mortgage can be tricky, however there are lenders that can help and offer a range of mortgages for the self employed. This means that some lenders can offer self employed mortgages for those just starting out on their own or in partnership and those with a …

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[ 7 May 2015 | No Comment ]
8 in 10 Low Income Families Seeing No Sign of Improving Finances #news #families

A new survey commissioned by the national charity Turn2us has found that, despite a recovering economy, 79% of low income families have seen no sign of their financial situation improving in the last year.
The survey, released to coincide with Turn2us’ annual Benefits Awareness Month, found that in the last year, over four-fifths (81%) of parents on low incomes have struggled to pay for food and other essentials. Almost half (49%) say that their outgoings now exceed their earnings, with nearly a third (32%) seeing increased levels of debt.
Nearly half (47%) …

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[ 14 Apr 2015 | No Comment ]

We all have dreams, vague or specific plans, hopes for the future, but are you putting steps in place to reach your goals. Whether it is simply to have fun with grandchildren during your retirement, whether you want to travel the world next year, AXA has created an infographic that outlines the nations plans. Importantly, once you have your dreams, it highlights different ways to reach them and prepare for the future you want.

What are your dreams? Have you taken steps to reach them?
This post is in association with AXA

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[ 1 Apr 2015 | No Comment ]

Funding. Sooner or later, every business needs an injection of cash. Whether it’s for launching a start-up, investing in new technology, or financing an expansion, sourcing fresh funds can be crucial. That funding may take a variety of forms—loan; investment; grant—but regardless of the route taken, funder confidence is vital.
So, how do you promote confidence? Carol Cheesman of Cheesmans Accountants advises business to be like a Boy Scout; be prepared.
Here is Carols’ advice for business preparing to seek finance:
First, you need a Business Plan.
Do it yourself – don’t delegate. It …