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[ 21 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

Nearly three quarters of parents rate flexible working as very important when they are looking for a new job – with homeworking the most popular form – yet relatively few employers supply any equipment or technical support to enable workers to work outside the office, according to a survey by Workingmums.co.uk.
The survey of over 2,000 parents, sponsored by BBC Future Media, also showed that many employees still lack full confidence in remote communications tools despite their desire to work from home.
Homeworking was the most attractive type of flexible working that …

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[ 15 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]
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Almost two thirds of working mums have considered setting up their own businesses and 38% have put the wheels in motion, according to Workingmums.co.uk’s annual survey. The survey of over 2,390 working parents, sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, covers a wide variety of issues, from childcare and flexible working to finances, discrimination and self employment.
It shows 63% of working mums have considered setting up their own business or franchise, up significantly on last year’s figure of 57%. Of these, 62% are just considering it while 21% are in the early …

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[ 17 Sep 2014 | No Comment ]
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Some 44% of working mums would consider sharing their maternity leave with their partner, according to Workingmums.co.uk annual survey. The number of women who would consider sharing their leave when the new shared parenting legislation comes in next year has risen by 3% since last year and may in part be due to a rising number of women who are the main breadwinners in their families – over 17% of women who were living with a partner say they are the main breadwinner and only in a small number of …

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[ 6 Aug 2014 | No Comment ]
Anna Belfrage

 Life is short, right? The world is large, the opportunities are never-ending, so to make the most out of things, one must cram as much as possible into the finite number of years we are accorded. I suppose that must be the basic reasoning behind my urge to combine a 50-60 hour per week day-job with four children and a time-consuming – if utterly addictive – side-line as a writer of historical fiction. (Seriously: what was I thinking? That I was Superwoman? Err… yes)
I could have chosen to write romance …

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[ 7 May 2014 | No Comment ]
Light bulb

Whether you employ one person or 1000, there are ten skills that no employer or manager should be without. If used appropriately they will enhance your work environment and make your team happy. Christina Hession from Toastmasters International details these 10 essential skills:
1)     Critical Thinking: A successful critical thinker gathers information, before interpreting it, analysing it and using logical reasoning to reach conclusions. To become a better critical thinker you need to be informed, avoid making decisions too early, have an open mind, don’t be afraid to ask questions, weigh opinions …

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[ 13 Mar 2014 | No Comment ]
by Stuart Miles

As a parent with children living at home, it can be hard to find the balance between a secure financial situation, and one where you actually get to spend time with your kids. That is why many people like you choose to return to work, only instead of doing a full time job they opt for a part time position instead. This can offer the best of both worlds, and can often be a stepping stone back into full time employment once the kids have flown the nest.
One industry that …

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[ 28 Jan 2014 | No Comment ]
Win the ultimate career booster

Are you fed up with not getting the job you want? If so, watch the video, then visit Jobsite to win a fabulous package that will help you achieve your goals.Career coaching, interview training, even the right outfit: all this and more is included in the competition prize. This could really give you a boost if you’ve taken a career break and are unsure about how to get back on track: an iPad is part of the prize too. Visit the site, ‘CV writing help from Jobsite UK’, to get the …

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[ 24 Jan 2014 | No Comment ]

It isn’t easy to find that perfect job; the holy grail of jobs that fits around the children, and gives you a good challenge. When you have been looking at job adverts, you have probably noticed that not many part-time jobs are advertised either on-line or off-line. When you are after a more professional, higher level job it gets even worse. I was recently speaking to one of the most awarded firms for family-friendliness in the UK, and even they had just realised that they weren’t advertising part-time options above …

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[ 22 Jan 2014 | No Comment ]

Liz George is one of the UK’s most experienced educational professionals. With a career spanning over 35 years, her roles have included Primary Advisory Teacher, lecturing on teaching training at Goldsmiths, consulting for Channel 4’s educational TV shows and working on various activities for the Centre of Literacy in Primary Education. Liz is now Course Director for ldbsSCITT, a dedicated, school-centred teacher training institution located in the heart of London with 100% graduate employment rate. In this article she shares five tips for any parent who wants to retrain …