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Looking back to my first big presentation I now understand why it was not a success.  Weeks went into designing the content. What didn’t get work on was the performance “mindset” which I needed. In the 20 year since then I have developed my own method: Communicating with P.O.W.E.R.  Follows these steps and you’ll deliver successful speeches and presentations every time.
For effective communication you need:  presence of mind, body, and voice.
To connect with your audience on a mental level needs presence of mind.  You can prime your audience for your …

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Better training of line managers in how to manage flexible workers and greater availability of senior level flexible jobs are vital for reducing the gender pay gap and creating a more equal work culture, according to the Workingmums.co.uk’s Best Practice Report 2018.
The Report is an in-depth look at what the most progressive companies are doing with regard to gender diversity and flexible working. It includes detailed interviews with the winners of the Workingmums.co.uk’s Top Employer Awards as well as case studies. The aim is to spread best practice and ideas of …

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Leading apprenticeship levy-paying employers from the gas, power, waste management and water industries are calling for consistency in skills policy across the four nations of the UK to cut costs and red tape.
This request to policymakers is detailed in the ‘Transnational Research White Paper: Unified Skills Policy for a Truly United Kingdom.’ It is supported by the views of the 25-strong forum of employers, who assert that the removal of transnational policy obstacles will better position the sector to address existing skills challenges. It builds on recommendations in the Workforce …

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Top 5 tips on how to make sure everyone sleeps soundly when the clocks change next Sunday

This year the clocks spring forward on Sunday 25th March at 1am when we all lose one hours sleep. The challenges of coping with the change by getting your children adjusted to the new ‘summer’ time zone can be daunting. Here are 5 top tips from Dave Gibson the founder of thesleepsite.co.uk, to help you make the change as smooth as possible.

Stagger the hour change.

In simple terms, it is not possible for anyone to naturally feel tired an hour earlier than normal as our body clocks are designed to …

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It’s natural for entrepreneurial mums to feel guilty about not being able to spend more time with their children, but what do their kids think?
Vistaprint shot a video with some of these mums and their children, and asked them what it’s like to be a mum and entrepreneur, what their young ones think about it and the advice their mums would give them.
While there are challenges to balancing entrepreneurship with family life, the children feel inspired by and proud of their business owner mothers, who pass on important skills.

The Vistaprint …

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There are various ways to save on childcare costs, one new one and one which is closing soon.
First: have you taken up Childcare Vouchers with your employer? If these are on offer and you are employed they can save you 32%. Act now, though, and this scheme closes 5th April.
Second: there is a new Tax Free Childcare scheme where for every 80p you pay in the Government tops it up with 20p.
There are pros and cons to each scheme so read this infographic from Money Saving Expert to see which …

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One in three side hustlers fail to declare taxable earnings to HMRC

A third of Britain’s side hustlers have admitted withholding their earnings from HMRC according to OddsMonkey.
New research commissioned by Oddsmonkey reveals that Brits are using side hustles to help cover the cost of living.
As the annual inflation rate doubled from 1.2% to 3.1% in the past year1, the average monthly wage of £1538.97 is not enough to cover the cost of living for almost a quarter of Brits (24%).
Because of this, 25% of working employees have resorted to a side hustle to earn extra money with 36% of those having 3 or …

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On women’s suffrage centenary, leading charity calls for politicians and business leaders to press fast forward on young women’s equality

100 years on from the first UK women getting the vote, Young Women’s Trust has found that women under 30 – who did not get the vote until ten years later in 1928 – are again being left behind economically, with many resorting to foodbanks, skipping food to make ends meet and falling into debt.
A major survey by the charity has estimated that five million young people are struggling to make ends meet, with young women consistently more likely than young men to face money problems, workplace discrimination and worries …

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How to speak and inspire others to take action

The most underrated attribute when it comes to inspiring others is certainty.  Certainty in what you believe.  In what you value.  In what you know, deep down in your gut, to be true and important.  Simon Bucknall, from Toastmasters International believes that If you have this certainly you can also be inspirational when giving a speech or presentation or talking to others less formally.
In business, a leader’s ability to inspire through the spoken word has never been more highly prized. You may be rallying your team, seeking to engage the …

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New insights into how employees manage stressful situations at work

Researchers have developed a new tool which could benefit organisations and their staff by assessing employees’ beliefs about how they manage challenging and stressful situations at work.
Self-efficacy – the belief in one’s capabilities to achieve a goal or an outcome – is a key variable for understanding how people manage themselves and their behaviour at work, given its influence on motivation, well-being, and personal achievement and fulfilment.
Employees must not only accomplish tasks but also manage their negative emotions as well as interpersonal relationships. Despite this, self-efficacy has mainly been assessed …

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Mums Enterprise Roadshow Announce 2018 Dates

The Mums Enterprise Roadshow, now in its third year, has confirmed that to meet rapidly rising demand it will be hosting two large-scale exhibitions attracting over 10,500 attendees across these two events in Manchester and London with plans to reach Edinburgh in early 2019.
Mums Enterprise Roadshow Manchester will be a one-day event, taking place on Wednesday 20th June at Event City, in Trafford City Manchester.
Mums Enterprise Roadshow London will be its first ever two-day event in London in the larger venue; Olympia London which will take place from Friday 28th …