Mothers can’t afford to stay at home

Why do you work? Most of the women I know who run their own business have a passion for whst they do, even if it is tough at times. But new research shows that some mothers are having to go back to work, due to the economic recession found that in a survey of 505, 79 per cent were looking to go back to work or increase their present working hours due to the credit crunch. For many, this will mean that they are looking for jobs that will allow them to balance their family and work life. This includes flexible or part-time working, school time jobs and working from home. If this is you, have a look at the ideas on, or sign up to the ‘Start Your Own Business’ course at  

Working Mums have a message for employers based on their survey results. Bosses should who re-examine their working culture and look at more efficient and effective ways of working such as flexible, part-time working or working from home. Employing skilled workers in these different ways can make their businesses more efficient and productive, cut office overheads, minimise overtime and reduce travel expenses.

Mandy Garner, spokesperson for says, “The present economic situation is not all doom and gloom and actually presents some good opportunities for mothers to assess their working options and look at what is available to help them meet their needs. It also key that employers should look at more efficient ways of working and how this can help them to become more cost-effective whilst remaining productive. Employers should not get caught out by reducing their resources. Working mothers are a fantastic pool of talent that many businesses should be calling upon.”

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