Mumpreneur News: Meet mums at the Cupcake Club

Sounds great, doesn’t it? An exclusive clubs for mums-to-be with classes, coffee and cupcakes, based in South London, has just had some coverage in the Telegraph:

It is another wet Tuesday morning in London. My husband has waltzed off rather too merrily to work, leaving me with our bored 14-month-old son. A long day of Old Macdonald, Play-Doh and plastic toys stretches out before me.

There must be a remedy to my situation. I can’t be the only mother of a young child wringing her hands. But help is at hand from two clubs for families. Cupcake recently opened in Wandsworth, south London, and is a club for pregnant women and their babies. Maggie & Rose, a more child-focused family club in Kensington, has been working for more than a year.

Cupcake was founded by Karen Hastings, ex-marketing director for American Express. She discovered a niche in the market when her friends were becoming pregnant and had nowhere to go that celebrated pregnancy and motherhood with general wellbeing.

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It is not all good news, though. The club costs £125 per month. Miranda Levy, editor of Mother and baby magazine, suggests most mums are  likely to be joining the NCT for coffee and companionship: at a mere £39 per year it is within the reach of far more families.

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