Online magazine looking for London franchisee

Operating an online magazine can be quite a daunting experience for someone who doesn’t have an idea on how to generate traffic (visitors) or keep them coming back for more – especially not when the portal is designed by designers and web developers who know nothing about search engine optimization.

Rima McDonald, publisher/ owner of Women’s Online Magazine, also an Internet Marketing expert among other women business owners in the United States, knows what it takes to run an online magazine successfully.

She has done well with one at It has attracted over 6,000 visitors each month, within a couple of months since its launch in June 2007. And now, after 1.5 years in operation, it has steadily attracted 24,000 visitors, with over 65,000 page views and 350,000 hits on an average each month.

And she is not stopping. She has bigger plans for WOM. She is opening up local versions of Women’s Online Magazine now! Check out


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