Mumpreneur Profile: Lynn and Pamela of Milky Moo Moo

Milky Moo Moo is run by Lynn Oakes and Pamela Lowes, who have been best buds for ahmmmm lots of years – not saying how long as it makes us sound old!!

Milky Moo Moo
Milky Moo Moo

We both have two children each and our youngest ones are what really inspired us to start Milky Moo Moo. We really wanted something different when shopping for clothes for our kids but struggled to find something just a little bit different. We wanted to add some fun to kids clothing that would also appeal to adults (after all the babies can not read or choose their tops)!

We had lots of ideas about we wanted and so with out previous working backgrounds giving us some of the experience we needed, (the rest we are still acquiring) we decided to take the plunge and so milky moo moo was born.

We have had a bumpy ride what with juggling work, night feeds, babies and the school run twice a day and don’t get us started on the business plan, bank, suppliers and finding someone to make us a milk carton amongst other nightmares we had along the way. Look out for our book (just kidding! but we could write one). We wouldn’t change a thing though, through all the blood, sweat and tears everything we have learned just makes us even more determined, they say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger – this is so true!!

Milky Moo Moo Winter RangeMilky Moo Moo have some fabulous and thoughful gifts in their winter range to brighten up your Christmas. There is something for everyone – Childrens wear, Organic adult tee’s, accessories,shopper bags and a broad selection of  Organic babywear! 

The winter range includes Chris Moo-se a cool little moose in various colours, mistletoe for the girls and Snowflakes and stags for the boys.  As an added bonus and at no extra cost on the Christmas designs you can personalise with a name or statement of your choice making it a great saving!!. 

Organic shoppers make a fab gift and at £5.99 to design a ‘winter shopper’ it’s a great and thoughtful stocking filler that’s affordable and suitable for all ages! Whats more the baby and children’s garments come delivered in a cool ‘Moo Moo’ carton making a fab gift this Christmas! visit and start designing your christmas!!

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