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Joslyn Bellamy and family
Joslyn Bellamy and family

Married to Paul, have Felix (6), Maddie (4) and currently 7 months pregnant with number 3! We live in sunny Cornwall.

The site launched in February 2006.

I’d had the idea for Mum and Working whilst still living in London and did some basic groundwork whilst there to check the idea for viability. It didn’t really get off the ground until we moved to Cornwall, where I met a Mum at the school gates who told me of a new business start-up course here. I applied, went on the course which was fantastic, wrote my business plan and accessed the small £1,500 start up grant. This kick started the business and paid for some initial marketing. I’m lucky as my husband is a web designer so a huge part of my business start-up costs were free.

The best thing about running the business is that it has offered me a truly family-friendly flexible working option. I work whilst my children are at school and am able to drop them off and pick them up myself. It is also great knowing I’m able to help other parents achieve these same aims with

The biggest challenge so far has been being based so far away from London, being only 10 miles from Lands End! Many potential clients and advertisers want to meet face to face and unfortunately that isn’t always possible. Luckily though the majority of advertisers using Mum and Working are small business owners like me and they often have children themselves. We all have a good understanding of each others position and I’m never phased by a call where I hear a small voice asking for a biscuit in the background!

To anyone else thinking of setting up their own business I would say do loads of research in to your market. If you have a unique idea that no one else is doing yet think about why not – is the idea truly commercially viable? Do you have good resources you can tap in to? Test ideas on friends and family. Access local business start-up courses, details can often be found through Business Link. But do go for it – nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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