Mumpreneur Profiles: Lorraine of SE22 Piano School

Name of Business: SE22 Piano School

Tell us about your family:  I live with my husband and our young baby (6 weeks’ old) in East Dulwich, London

When did you launch?  I have been teaching piano for over ten years, but set up the business in April 2008. Sometimes I find myself looking for other instruments to start learning. That is how I love music. Just recently I came across MusicCritic, a website full of underrated artists and a lot of guides for beginner musicians and music producers.

How did you go about getting started?

I used lots of great online resources such as the East Dulwich Forum ( to advertise my business, as well as advertising on UK based piano teaching web sites. I also flyered the local area, particularly getting a good response from advertising on the library noticeboard and at mums and babies clubs.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? How have you dealt with it?

I’ve just started teaching a group class at a local church which is a real challenge after so many years of working on a one-on-one basis with pupils. I’m learning new skills every week and have great support from friends and colleagues who are clasroom-based teachers.

How do you fit in work with the family?

My husband looks after the baby one day a week which he has off work, my mum looks after her another day, and i send her to a neighbour who is a registered childminder for a few hours here and there on the days that my husband is working. Luckily, my hours are roughly 4pm – 9pm as the majority of my pupils are at school in the day, or adults who are working till around 6pm. This fits in really well with my husband helping out with the childcare as he is back from work around 5.30pm, so there is only a short period to cover until he gets home and can take over babysitting duties!

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to work in this area?

Get yourself set up with a web site and advertise on as many online teaching sites as you can, as well as advertising locally on noticeboards. I did pay for a few adverts when setting up the business, but I didn’t find these returned many enquiries for new pupils, so don’t waste your money on this. Do also make sure you have Public Liability Insurance if you are working from home and have pupils coming to your house.

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