Flexible Business Ideas: Blogging for a Living

If you want a new flexible way to earn, have you thought of blogging for a living? Erica of the Little Mummy blog who we wrote about earlier this month is a successful blogger. Over the last 12 months she had a goal to create an online income for herself of £500, and she’s now working towards earning £1000 each month. Here are Erica’s tips for earning from blogging based on her last three and half years of learning while she blogs:

1. Adsense and affiliate programs don’t really earn that much money

Unless you have huge amounts of pageviews per day (at least in the thousands) adsense and affiliate programs won’t convert well on a ‘mummy’ blog. Affiliate programs may do better on a blog in a very small niche.

2. Smaller blogs should focus on running specialist campaigns and blog features

My biggest earners have been blog features for products and companies. You can negotiate these yourself and ensure a good return.

3. Diversify

Multiple income streams is my motto. I earn money online through media that I post to my blog, my automated ads, freelance writing and blog features. Try and earn money in as many different ways as possible.

4. Think of your blogging as a business

If you want to earn money from blogging then it’s crossed over from being a hobby into a potential business and it helps to think of it as such.

5. Look to bring out your own products and get involved in joint ventures

I believe this is the next step after making money directly from your blog. Use your blog as a platform to create your own products and try and build a business from there. Align yourself with people and businesses that complement your own. Doing this may present the opportunity to extend your online business. This doesn’t have to be in the blogging niche. Leverage your other talents to create an online business based around a blog.

Erica has now launched a great e-course to help you get started as a blogger. I’ll be contributing to the later stages of the course. You can get it delivered weekly to your inbox here, or buy the workbook here  to allow you to complete the course and get your own blog off the ground at your own speed.

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