The Mumpreneur Guide: Your Questions Answered

Do you have a question about flexible working or becoming a mumpreneur? Email with your queries and I’l do my best to answer them on here.

I’m desperate not to go back to work, but we can’t make the family budget meet all the bills unless I do go back when maternity leave ends. Are there any alternatives you can suggest to returning to my office job?

You have a number of options that will help you earn without committing yourself to costly full time childcare and commuting.

  1. Ask about flexible working. If you have a specialist skill your employer may be keen to have you back, and happy to come up with a flexible work solution that suits you both. You have the right to request flexible work and your employer has to look at your request seriously. You could ask to reduce your hours or do some work from home. The advantage of this is that you continue to have job security and benefits like pension and maternity leave.
  2. Look at flexible and part time employment sites. Sites like,, and specialise in offering the sort of work that fits round the family. Check out the sites to see if there is something that would suit you better.
  3. Set up your own business. You could go for a direct selling or party plan business, where everything is set up for you. There are links for lots of this sort of opportunity at Alternatively, you may have come up with your own business idea. Some mums develop their own unique product while others buy in products to sell on. The internet has made it much easier to set up a store and reach customers, and an online shop takes away some of the problems of juggling children and customers. You can pack orders at nap time or in the evening. May sure you find your own unique niche and come up with a business and marketing plan to help the business succeed. For help with setting up a business check out the free e-course at
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