Best Business Advice in a Cold Spell: Use Home Workers

As the country grinds to a standstill, with the heaviest snow for 18 years causing cancellation of buses, trains and airport closures, according to the Federation of Small Businesses closures and staff staying at home could cost the economy £1bm. However people working from home are keeping businesses open and fully operational despite this appalling weather.

While the Met Office has issued a further extreme weather warning for England, Wales and parts of eastern Scotland, it is estimated that the worst-affected area has been the Thames Valley and Greater London where the transport network is at its most concentrated, which is why there has been such chaos.

As thousands of businesses send staff home early because of the weather, others who employ remote workers and home workers are relieved and pleased that there has been no disruption to their normal business day.

At least 3 million Brits who are home based or work flexibly or remotely were able to lie in bed without jumping up to get the snow cleared from the drive and battling cold non-starting engines. They were not affected by delayed or cancelled public transport; instead, they were able to throw a few snowballs with ‘home-bound’ kids before ambling into their home office and getting down to business as usual.

Remote Employment, a web service specialising in flexible, remote and home working jobs, highlights how remote and home working benefits the environment, business production and an employee’s quality work life. With the rise in adverse weather conditions now might be a good time for more companies to try smarter employment solutions by giving employees the opportunity to work flexible hours, work remotely or work from home.

Responding to the news of the vast disruptions in business with many companies working either on ‘skeleton staff’ basis or not at all, Director of Remote Employment, Paula Wynne, reported that many of their clients were relieved to have their employees working remotely or working from home.

She said: “Companies up and down the country are benefitting from this flexible way of working. While people are being advised not to travel, their staff still able to keep business wheels in motion from the sanctuary of their own home. We would like to encourage companies to try out working from home or implement some form of flexible and remote working.”

Remote working and working from home significantly, enabling businesses to be more competitive, and enhances work-life balance for staff, with added health and leisure benefits.

Call centres, service agencies, and forward thinking organisations across the UK have improved productivity by giving staff work from home options or by outsourcing their company services and projects to freelancers and remote workers. All of these businesses have been hardly affected by the wide spread weather chaos.

Remote working is the perfect green or ‘snow-white’ employment solution. With this new approach, more and more employers are now considering remote working and working from home as viable options in their recruitment drive.

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