Book Review: Personal Social Responsibility by Arvind Devalia

Personal Social ResponsibilityIn this book, Arvind Devalia asks you 52 searching questions to help you evaluate your attitude to social responsibility and business. It is ideal for every business owner who wants to take responsibility for their place in the planet.
If you want to take social responsibility more seriously, this book from coach Arvind Devalia is a great place to start. The book gets you thinking from the start, with questions like “How will the world be a better place because you lived?” Maybe not an easy one to answer straight off, but something certainly worth giving serious consideration to. After exploring your attitudes, the books asks questions to help you understand more about corporate social responsibility. You are asked to look at other companies and see what you can learn from their ethics, and how it can apply to you and your business. The book then takes you through implementation, reporting and measurement.

Arvind has kindly donated a copy of the book to be won as part of our essential business books competition. He has signed it with the inspiring message, “Go, Change the World!” which really sums up what the book is all about.
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