Time Management for Busy Mums

Here  is the second in a short series of tips from Time Management Mum Nadine Hill to help you out if you are juggling kids and work – watch out for more tips over the next few weeks and an article on the 9th of March.

Nadine says, “To make a household task easier, I purchased two laundry bins from Ikea for less than a tenner – one is white and the other is black. I encourage the family to put their laundry in the appropriate bin (white is obvious but the black bin is for darks and coloured garments) so that the laundry is pre-sorted by the time I get to it, and I can easily see at a glance when there is enough to make a full load!”

Nadine Hill runs a boutique Virtual Assistance business based in Yorkshire and is a ‘hands on’ mum of two children under six. She also writes a blog for working mums called Time Management Mum.

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