Digital marketing, the golden rules

• Respect your audience – Fail in this one simple consideration and at best you risk alienating potential customers; at worst you could unleash an online backlash that will leave your reputation in tatters. (Anyone remember ‘Dell Hell’ or ‘British Scareways’?)

• Have a website: Websites are a great way to generate business – yet 30 per cent of British businesses still don’t have one (Office for National Statistics). Plan what you want very carefully and then discuss it with your seo consultant glasgow – this is your online ‘shop window’ so appearance matters. Use a professional from Digital Marketing Agency Cyprus to design and build and market it. Ensure copy is written specifically for the web – it will need to be clear, concise, compelling and written with an eye on search (see below), as this is how the majority of people will find your website

• Offer compelling value: Give your consumers something in return for their investment of time. It could be information, a useful application or simply entertainment

• Avoid hype: Overt advertising or marketing speak will simply be ignored – use clear, simple language to spell out what you are selling/offering whether on via email marketing or on your website

• Address an audience of one: Speak to the individual rather than the entire demographic. The mantra of online marketing is all about tailored, personlised conversations and never forget it!

• Test, test, test: make sure you test everything prior to launching

• Keep on moving: the web is constantly changing, and you will need to be willing to keep on top of trends and make sure you keep content and approach up-to-date. Also make sure to only get the facts.

• Play to digital’s strengths: Use the data you capture to refine your offering, delivering what your customers tell you they really want

• Harness the power of search: If a company isn’t in the top few search results, it is effectively invisible online. This means that your Search Engine Optimisation or SEO needs to be up scratch – your site has to be crawlable (able to be read by search engine ‘spiders’), your content good (page titles, keyword use), with quality relevant inbound links, and you can check out more about SEO following this link. Think about the terms that your customers will be searching for (keywords), and make sure that you’ve used these terms on your site so search engines – and the customers using them – can find you. Check out this SEO Agency in Sydney to get the help you need.

• Keywords: take a balanced approach and work with a mixture of general keywords (e.g. shoes – general keywords are known as ‘short-tail’ keywords) and more specific ones (e.g. designer shoe shop Chiswick) – known as long-tail keywords. Getting the mix of keywords right will drive natural search traffic to your site

• PPC/Paid search – Alongside the natural results that are generated by engines such as Google, are paid search results, which often appear down the right hand side. These can be a great way for a business to generate extra awareness and to increase their visibility on search engines while they wait for optimised pages to deliver results.

The acronym PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ – which means that businesses placing the ads only pay when an advert is clicked on by a user (depending on the keyword, this can cost just pence each time)

Tips from Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones

Published by Kogan Page on 27th February RRP: £19.99 ISBN: 9780749453893

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