Have you donated breast milk?

Do you want to feature in a major glossy womens magazine? A journalist has asked for case studies:

“I’m looking for an inspirational women between 30 and 50 who may have donated their breast milk by cross-feeding to help a friend/family etc who couldn’t breast feed. As one of the few websites that intelligently tackle breast feeding older children etc I was wondering if you may be able to put me in touch with any women I could talk to or alternatively if you know of any other organisation who could help. I’d just like to reiterate that the subject matter is very much donation and will not be a sensational ‘breastfeeding other people’s children’ story.”

Email antonia@acpr.co.uk by 27 Feb if you can help.

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  • Ah well I’m not that inspirational (and wasn’t between 30-50) when I donated milk – I expressed anonymously for the milk bank too so probably not enough of a story! Hope you find someone!

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