Book Review: Raise Your Game Now! by Paul Stalker

Raise your game

Performance coach Paul Stalker is a great man to help you re-evelaute your attitude to life and deal with any habits that are holding you back. This book doesn’t just look at your behaviour, but also challenges you to take control of your health.

In the introduction you can read about Paul’s personal journey, from struggling at school, through business ups and downs, to his battle with cancer. This gives you a great background to see where Paul’s advice is based.

The book takes you though how to get physically and mentally fit, then moves onto looking at how you can get rid of negative attitudes. The third section helps you improve the way you relate to and influence others. Importantly for this sort of book, the fourth section looks at enjoying yourself and how to ‘do what you love, love what you do’. Finally, Paul helps you devise your game plan and put into action the lessons you have learnt.

One to one sessions with a life coach don’t suit everyone, whether it is because of time or cost: this book makes a great alternative if you want to change the way you think, take control of your life and achieve your goals. With Paul’s GAME mnemonic, Gratitude and Attitude, Make a friend, Enjoy yourself, this book will help you improve your life and business.

Paul has kindly donated a copy of the book to be won as part of our essential business books competition.

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