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Business name: Relaxed Parenting 

Eleanor Copp
Eleanor Copp

I am married to Simon and have 4 children, Freddie 15, Harry 12, Ruby 8 and Teddy 5.

I live in Taunton, Somerset and moved back here in 2000 having lived in London since 1987.

I have been an NHS Nurse and Midwife since 1987 and in 2004  was feeling really despondent about my  Midwifery future , and what I saw  happening for women and their babies  during pregnancy labour and birth . The effects of this post birth and how family relationships are affected struck me every day at work.

Women feel unable to empower themselves and view the Doctors and Midwives as the powerful ones in their birthing experiences. As a holistic Midwife, a trained reflexologist and counsellor, and having been through the system four times I felt this was all wrong. My experience was good , but then I always paid for reflexology , or homeopathy or counselling. I made sure I looked after myself.

My Mum gave me an article in the Times about HypnoBirthing and it struck a chord. I simultaneously had two separate conversations with Consultants. These were my light bulb moments. I had not realised how influential I was in supporting a birth, but why didn’t I know this?

How could I use that beneficial  influence pre pregnancy to give confidence and banish fear ,  because by the time I meet couples in labour they have already been feeling anxious for weeks and been receiving a lot of conflicting information .   My wisdom was wasted by then; I needed to find a way to offer it earlier on.

I trained as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and starting teaching in Jan 2005.

It started well but I soon realised I had limitations with some things like phobias, and previous trauma, I found I was referring to other hypnotherapists and wanted to have the skills to offer a more complete service.

I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and launched Relaxed Parenting in July 2008.

It’s been brilliant and I am now making my own cd which will soon be launched.

I have seen over 90 couples to have a confident and empowered birth   and supported at least 4 women to prevent a recurrnence of  Post Natal depression .The babies are amazing ,and I  still get emails 2 years on about how lovely their children are as a result of HypnoBirthing. I have taught many couples having subsequent babies too who want a bit of support to repeat the good stuff or to manage the less good stuff in a constructive way. The difficulty is that I am still working a mixture  of days and nights’ so keeping my energy up is important.

I am also  now expert at being with my family and maximising this time. My goal is for  more couples to  see the importance of  hypnobirthing .Having done birth crisis training with Shelia Kitzinger I still have work to do in convincing couples that taking responsibility for your baby means you must be pro active and you cannot rely on the NHS to get it right for you .  I have an excellent record for supporting women to have normal births and work in a Midwifery Led Unit , I am constantly learning in NHS work and Private Practice how we can use our minds to have the experience we truly want to have .

I have received referrals from the NHS consultants and word of mouth is spreading, I am teaching in Bristol too, a city has a very different feel it, and the contrast is lovely.

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