Time Management for Busy Mums

Here  is the third in a short series of tips from Time Management Mum Nadine Hill to help you out if you are juggling kids and work – watch out for more tips over the next few weeks and an article on the 9th of March.

Nadine says, “A major top tip is to put my car keys onto a lanyard which I wear around my neck. When you are juggling school bags, bags of shopping at the supermarket, holding a wriggling toddler who wants to walk or trying to get the children’s coats on as they exit the car, you know that you have to be like an octopus with many hands! By putting my keys around my neck, they are always to hand for a swift exit (and on to the next job!), you never lose them and it saves valuable time when I just want to get my heavy bags unloaded and placed in the boot! The lanyard is a lifesaver – I have a separate one for my house keys too which stops me from getting locked out of the house by slamming the door shut before I’ve gotten everything (which did happen pre-lanyard – I can tell you!)”

Nadine Hill runs a boutique Virtual Assistance business based in Yorkshire and is a ‘hands on’ mum of two children under six. She also writes a blog for working mums called Time Management Mum.

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