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LoveHennaHair is a discussion forum for natural beauty products. We also sell some lovely natural products through a shop on the site. Currently we have various natural hair dyes, including henna and indigo. We’ve been able to add Eco-Friendly Hairbrushes to our stock along with Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and even Whipped Shea Butter – All 100% natural. At LoveHennaHair we believe that “Beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth”. There are no man-made chemicals in our products – everything that washes down the drain is biodegradable.

LoveHennaHair was launched in September 2008 after I met my business partner, Jyoti Dalwadi, on a website forum called Giant Potential. She was offering free samples of henna and indigo for people to try on their hair. I asked for a sample and was so impressed with the results on my hair that I asked more questions. We decided that she would work with the suppliers in India to source more of the same sort of natural beauty products and I would build a website and begin the marketing. So far Jyoti has sourced some fantastic goodies which I’m loving testing and I’ve built a website with a little discussion forum and a shop.

I’m really pleased with how it is going so far because I am still able to work around my children and their needs. We have only just started up so sales aren’t pouring in yet but we are determined to make these eco-friendly, natural products more accessible to everyone.

The biggest challenge for myself was getting the website exactly the way that Jyoti and I envisaged it. Perseverance paid off!

It’s been interesting getting used to working with a partner as I’m used doing things on my own and having to get a second opinion on everything has taken some getting used to. On the other hand having someone to bounce ideas off has been great.

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