Time Management for Busy Mums

Here  is the last in a short series of tips from Time Management Mum Nadine Hill to help you out if you are juggling kids and work. Watch out for an article from Nadine on the 9th of March.

Nadine says, “My last top tip has to be to make sure you get your rest or whatever the space is that you need to function. If you must have 8 hours sleep a night to function, then get it (babies permitting of course!) But if you know you will be up at 2 or 3am, then get to bed at 8pm! Claw back your sleep whenever you can. If your ‘must have’ is a long bubble bath after the kids are in bed, then DO IT! If you have to get your iPod on and go for a run – SCHEDULE IT! Whatever you need to feel like YOU again, has to be priority!

Nadine Hill runs a boutique Virtual Assistance business based in Yorkshire and is a ‘hands on’ mum of two children under six. She also writes a blog for working mums called Time Management Mum.

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