Hug-a-Bump Mumpreneur “supports” SPD sufferers

Hug-a-bump is the newest SPD maternity support band on the market.
Although not a cure for SPD, Hug-A-Bump will go some way to relieve the symptoms and allow normal day to day activities such as shopping, walking and household chores. Easy and comfortable to wear, the Hug-A-Bump is a one piece corset style garment worn discretely under any chosen clothing. Recommended from the second trimester onwards, or once the bump is sizeable, it offers 3 in 1 support for the lower back, the hips and under the bump, and ‘hugs’ the baby bump at right angles to the spine.

Launched in nude, not white, it looks less like a medical device than most support belts. Designers have worked to produce a garment that will liken that of lingerie rather than a medical aid, so the second generation product has a lace trim like nothing else currently on the market. To follow is an adapted band, the Hug-a-Belly for ladies postpartum.

SPD is becoming more widely understood by GPs, obstetricians and midwives. It is a dysfunction that is associated with pelvic girdle pain and is thought to affect up to one in four pregnant women to varying degrees, with 7% of sufferers continuing to experience serious symptoms postpartum

Treatment varies from pain killers and prescribed support bands to, in the more extreme cases, surgery. Exercises, especially for the tummy and pelvic floor muscles are also recommended in order to improve the stability of your pelvis and back

Lafeenoire Maternity was created late 2007 to address the need for maternity wear and accessories that were not only functional, but also funky. The collection offers glamour, fun and above all head-turning style. See a great range of alternative maternity clothes including unique designer pieces, imports and classic brands. Sizes from petite 6 to plus size 32 and everything in between. Hug-a Bump is exclusively available online from Lafeenoire Maternity at

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