Fathers’ experiences of returning to work after the birth of a child – Volunteers wanted for MSc Study

The last thirty years has seen significant social and cultural changes towards fatherhood in this country with fathers typically taking a much more active role in raising their children. However, whilst there has been a lot of research on mothers’ experiences of parenthood, less is known about how these changes have affected fathers. I am particularly keen to find out more about the impact that having a child has on fathers when they return to work, and the issues that they face.

This study will explore the voices of fathers using in-depth interviews, to better understand the pressures faced by fathers at home and at work so that more support networks can be identified. Volunteers will be asked to attend a 90-minute interview. The interview will be recorded but the participant will be able to stop the process at any time. All data will remain confidential. Interviews must take place any time in the first three months of having a child so that any experiences are still fresh in their minds.

If you are male, working full time and recently had a child (up to three months after the birth) and would like to take part in the study or find out more please email sp00144@surrey.ac.uk or call 07812 132 058

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