Mumpreneur Profile: Rebecca of Van Beurden

Rebecca of Van Beurden
Rebecca of Van Beurden

When my daughter was a year old, I decided that I really needed to earn my own money. There were plenty of things I wanted and I had a very expensive hobby in keeping a horse. My husband never seems to want anything and didn’t see why I should need these things!

I have always loved vintage clothing, so started a small collection and held a party and sold a few pieces. I could see that it was fun but not a real money-spinner as vintage clothing is a niche market. I wanted to sell designer clothing alongside this but no designer would sell to me without a shop. I decided to start calling boutiques and designers to purchase their end of season stock. This has now grown into a successful business trading from a website and four massive one day sales a year. We now deal direct with some of the best designers in the country purchasing their stock.

It has by some way been the hardest thing I have done and a huge learning curve! You cannot underestimate the amount of effort and motivation required getting a business up and running. However every small success seems monumental at the time. I have found organising my time the hardest thing, working from home needs a discipline I’m notsure I have.  I wanted to allot certain times to certain tasks e.g. mornings to the business, afternoons to the children but in reality it does not work like that. It was only when orders started coming in regularly from the website that I was able to treat it like a proper part item job. I now spend mornings in our office and evenings working on marketing and our online community. This has freed up the afternoons for all family related work.

I would have never got the opportunity to work as flexibly as this in my previous job as a manger for ottakars plc. This is one of the many perks of working for yourself. If I don’t have anything urgent to do I can brainstorm while taking the dogs for a walk or put a load of washing on. I also feel strongly about having some ethics to our business and while we use recyable packaging and reduce our carbon footprint, I am passionate about employing people from the local community on flexible hours, and when the time comes to move to larger premises these will be in our local rural area.

If you have an idea for a business, research it, get advice from your local business link and websites like these.  Be confident and believe you can make it and you probably will. It is a real balancing act and you probably can’t have it all, but give it a good try!


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