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  • Hi Antonia
    All our staff work flexibly for us from home. Mostly, but not all, are mothers who want to go back to work but not back into the big agency world of PR where they would be out of the house 10 hours a day. As long as that person is confident in their ability and self motivating, it works. Childcare is still a requirement as you cannot work with toddlers shouting in the background and a moses basket at your feet!
    We ensure that each member of staff has their own email, phone system to charge calls to and we have an external switchboard which forwards calls and takes messages – it should all appear seamless.
    The idea being that as long as the work is completed and the hours required are done, and the client is happy, we’re happy. It doesn’t work for everyone, but so far we have a great team of both staff and clients to recommend us.
    Hope this is of interest,

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