Would a Baby-Cam Help You Work?

I’ve been sent some information about a WiFi video baby monitor which is “ideal for those increasing numbers trying to work from home and raise a family at the same time”.

Deborah who is doing the PR for the phone says, “I work from home and know how ‘pulled’ you feel between entertaining and enjoying the children and ‘just quickly getting a job done’… With this IP camera while baby or toddler is having their nap you can keep a close visual and audio connection whilst working on the laptop or home PC. Equally for those that want to keep an eye on older kids in another room or the nanny or carer this can help. Or, perhaps like me you simply do not want to ‘miss’ too much but have to hit deadlines this easy to use camera can be a help to feel a little more connected. There are many parents who rely on school hours to provide their uninterrupted working time from home but during school holidays or periods of children being at home a Y-Cam could be a partial aide.”

Our home is fairly open plan, but even this morning when K was having a longer nap than usual in the bedroom I did keep on getting up to check on him. However, £179.99 seems quite alot of money just to save my legs: it probably does me good to get up every so often rather than just sitting at the pc. We’re getting our basement converted, and I can see that it might be useful to keep an eye on my 3 and 7 year old when they can go down there. I like the fact that the monitor could work on a PC or any mobile device with WiFi. There is password protected access so you can use it to show friends and family what your little one is up to as well.

So, what do you think? Would you find one of these useful?

Y-cam products are available from www.babymonitorsdirect.co.uk. For further information, visit www.y-cam.com.

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