Setting Up a Virtual Assistance Business

If you’re handy with MSWord or excellent at Excel, have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant? It is the ideal work from home job, allowing you to be available for the family AND earn a decent income. You can offer your services to local businesses, or promote your business over the Internet. If you are interested in finding out more, come back on the 13th of May to find out about Nadine Hill’s exciting new guide to becoming a VA, The Virtual Assistant Handbook: Insider Secrets or Starting and Running Your Own Profitable VA Business, plus £800 of free bonuses to accompany all purchases of the book on the 13th of May.

Nadine Hill, a Yorkshire-based entrepreneur and practising Virtual Assistant, also known as Remote Executive Assistant, has just written the UK’s first guide for Virtual Assistants who want to set up a home based business.  The book that was written with the British-based VA in mind is entitled: “The Virtual Assistant Handbook: insider secrets for starting and running your own profitable VA business”.

Mum-of-two Nadine says, “Virtual Assistance is an emerging industry especially with the current economic climate.  As firms outsource work and small businesses are reluctant to employ staff, they are turning to VAs to provide the solution to their admin problems.  By using this pool of talented professionals, companies can get their work completed by an executive level professional for an hourly fee, meaning that it is more cost effective for them and can be profitable for the VA if he or she is in demand.  However many people get seduced by the promise of making mega-bucks from the comfort of their home working part time hours, and the reality is that just like any business it will often mean putting in full-time hours.”

She continues, “I have to say, while it’s true that you can earn a nice income and work to suit your schedule, it’s important to have a strategy for your business to ensure that it becomes profitable.”

Nadine wrote her guide so she could clue people in on what’s involved in starting and running a VA business after she became inundated with requests for help and advice from other VAs who had seen her business featured in the media.  She wanted to use her knowledge built up from years of experience to create a resource that would help others to create their dream business as well as raise awareness of the VA industry.

Nadine says, “The book points out facts that all new VAs need to consider such as that ‘fee-earning hours’ and ‘hours worked’ are very different. I might put in two fee earning hours in any one day or five fee earning hours, but when I have less chargeable time worked I’m still marketing for new business, or using the time to work on my business, such as the book-keeping, admin or planning.”

“Being a VA is definitely varied, exciting and fun and being ultimately in control of your own destiny is awesome. But a ‘two hour a day’ job it certainly is not. If you want to make
your VA business work you have to treat it like a proper profession and my book shows you how.”

As well as providing tips on systems, getting started, winning new business and handling clients within the book Nadine has included case studies from 6 other working VAs which provide an honest and realistic guide to this potentially lucrative and flexible career choice.

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