Breastfeeding Awareness Week: Breastfeeding and Work

by Daquella Manera
by Daquella Manera

Has breastfeeding affected your decision to go back to work?

There is a debate going on about the hidden cost of breastfeeding. Over at PhD in Parenting, you can find out about research on “how breastfeeding is beneficial to a baby’s health and parents’ finances (to the tune of the $700 to $3000 that a year of formula would cost)”. The article also highlights work by Hanna Rosin called ‘Breast-feed More, Earn Less‘. One of the arguments here is that women who breastfeed are more likely to quit career jobs for family friendly and flexible work, which is less well paid.

In my own experience, I have managed, some years, to earn more as a freelancer than I did in my well paid, pre-kids career. However, I have found that it is harder with more children – my baby is only a few weeks old mind you! I’m hoping that, in a few years time when they are all at school I will be reaping the benefits of the flexible career I’m building now. And as for how breastfeeding influenced my decision, it certainly was not a key factor.

Does this tie in with your experiences? Have you given up a well paid job to make it easier to breastfeed? Or like PhDinParenting, have you managed to find flexible or self employed work AND boost your income while being around for the kids?

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