Mumpeneur Profiles for Breastfeeding Awareness Week: Taj of Milkbug

Taj of MilkbugHaving my baby changed my life. Born in March 2008, she became the apple of mine and my husbands eye. I decided to breastfeed my daughter and I needed something to wear when I was out and about which kept my dignity as well as not flashing to every passer-by! I searched online for clothes and though there were some items, there was nothing that I could see that I liked.

As we were out that afternoon, I kept thinking that other mums must have the same issues finding clothes and I don’t what made me say ” I think I should look into finding stylish breastfeeding clothes to sell”

I started looking more carefully online to see what other businesses offered and before I knew it I had completed a full business plan, researched suppliers, found a website package and selected a collection of clothes that I would wear and others mums loved as they were stylish and comfortable. The only thing left to do was to press the button and set up the business, but something was stopping me! It was the lack of confidence in myself to pull this off. All that self doubt was wiped out the minute I looked at my daughter and thought I wanted her to have a good role model and have the confidence to follow her heart……so I used my savings and launched in July 2008

The hardest challenge was to ensure that my people could find my site easily and I had to work hard to make sure that happened. As a Marketing Manager I know the importance of marketing your business both online and offline and finding ways to generate repeat and word of mouth business.  I concentrate on marketing my business locally to offer a personalized service to local mums.

I love being able to focus on Milkbug and am constantly looking for new designs for my customers to help and support them in their decision to breastfeed. Milkbug gives me the time to focus on my family and as I work for myself I can choose when I need to work or play.

My advice to anyone looking to work for themselves is to ensure that you have a idea which will work and do plenty of research, but once you have decided you are going to do it, go for it. There is nothing to lose only gain.

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