Saira Khan Supports Flexible Employment for Easier Breastfeeding

NCT’s network of UK branches are calling on shops, cafes and leisure facilities to do everything they can to let local breastfeeding mums know they are welcome.┬áSaira Khan, mum, entrepreneur, television presenter and runner up in the BBC’s Apprentice series is supporting this push as NCT’s ambassador for breastfeeding.

Nine out of 10 mothers stop breastfeeding before they want to. The NCT, the UK’s leading parenting charity, wants to see Government policies that support women to breastfeed for as long as they want, by making it easier and more acceptable to breastfeed when out and about or when they return to work. Saira Khan says: “I am a great believer in breastfeeding and fed my little boy Zacariah for 6 months. It wasn’t easy at first but I was determined to stick with it, I am so glad that I did because for me it has been so rewarding and fulfilling. I actually missed it when I stopped. I am promoting breastfeeding because I want other mothers to experience the joy and fulfilment that I did and to give it a go.”

Saira Khan combines caring for Zacariah with a busy media schedule and her own baby skincare company. As a working mum, Saira would interrupt her busy schedule of meetings and filming to breastfeed Zacariah and counts herself lucky to have been able to do so. She fully supports NCT’s call for flexible employment practices to facilitate breastfeeding or expressing breaks during the working day.

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