Business Opportunity Watch: What Every Potential Franchisee Needs

I can’t believe I haven’t come across Business Opportunity Watch before, as it seems to me like a site everyone who is looking for a business opportunity should check out.

Editor Marian Owen casts a critical eye over all the main franchises and direct selling opportunities. While obviously this is no replacement for doing your own research, Marian has been checking out the scams for 13 years and seems to be a bit of an expert. Check out her Good Reviews and Bad Reviews pages to see the sort of info she provides.

To get access to all the reviews you need to pay a fee of between £36 and £48, depending on how you pay. Individual reviews are available from £3: there is a long index of these to help you see if she has reviewed the opportunity you are considering. This is a tiny amount to pay given that you could be investing thousands of pounds in a franchise, not to mention your time and committment.

Hope you find this recommendation useful, and thanks to Krister, the PR from LCF Clubs, who brought this to my attention. LCF clubs has just been awarded 9/10 on BOW – a great score.

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  • Any resource such as Business Opportunity Watch, is a useful tool in resisting the urgency to progress, Warning “Fools rush in”

    The Writer of this article makes the point though that “there is no replacement for doing your own research”

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