Yummy mummies achieve ultimate work-life balance

Because of the current economic situation, an increasing number of mums are deciding that working from home is the most viable option for generating some much needed income. It allows them to spend time with their children, whilst fitting in work around their family lives. Find out from Yummy Mummy Jobs how the are a growing number of opportunities available for women, from working a few hours a week for an employer to setting up their own business can help you work from home.

Philippa Symes, who runs a successful business from home, Forever Living Products, explains why working from home has been the best decision she could have made: “Finding that elusive work/life balance for most of us never seems to happen, but I was determined that there had to be a way and spent years trudging through countless business opportunities only to be inevitably disappointed.  All that changed when, in January 2000, I stumbled across a company that promised quality time and a real way forward.  Although sceptical, I dipped my toe in the ocean, and alongside a full time career and a mother, started to build my own business from home.

“In the next few months I discovered that here was something that I really could get stuck into. It was challenging, rewarding, refreshing, interesting and quite different from my career in sales.  Within 8 months I was out of the corporate world and the following year, my husband gave up his high flying career in IT to join me in the business.

“Now, 8 years on, we have a remarkable business that has grown into other countries. More importantly, it has given us freedom to get up in the morning and choose what we want to do. The benefits of working from home are endless: choice to do what you want to do, with no time constraints; flexibility and control.

“Forever Living Products, world leaders in aloe vera and products from the beehive, has truly delivered all that it said that it would. With hands on coaching and support we are now in the enviable position to work when we want, and we have an income for life – we are truly blessed.  We have fallen in love with the products and their outstanding benefits, made friends, travelled the world and our time is our own to do the things in life that we want to do.

“My only regret is that I did not find this remarkable, ethical company when my children were small and I was desperate to find something.  Today, our mission is to reach out and help as many people as we can, not only with the products that we have, but with a genuine and very real life changing opportunity for those that are seeking something new and are prepared to put in some learning and effort. It’s not for everyone – however, with more and more people desperately searching for some stability in their lives, this is a company not to be dismissed but one to investigate thoroughly.  For us, it has given us total peace of mind”

Yummy Mummy, Laura – who has a 6 month old daughter Isobel – wanted to get back to work, but found there was no on-line support for mums to help them do this. So she decided to help other mums by providing this resource herself. Laura has just launched the new website, www.yummymummyjobs.com, which gives mums a friendly and accessible on-line network, providing opportunities for mums to re-gain their self-esteem, follow their dreams and start working again.

Laura comments, “I was looking for opportunities for personal development, training and advice, as well as the latest jobs, to enable me to return to work, whilst fitting in my family commitments. There was no comprehensive resource out there. So I decided to create my own – building my own business, whilst helping other mums in a similar situation. The idea is to help mums to start their own business from home, be part of a franchise or develop their hobbies into a part-time job that they can fit around their family commitments.

“It’s also a complete on-line support network, helping mums get started in home-based work. And for a bit of relaxation, there’s a chance for some on-line retail therapy, with a platform for mums to sell or swap items such as clothing, or buy, bags, jewellery and essential items for their baby.”

Laura has the perfect definition of a Yummy Mummy: “I believe that all mothers that care about life and family values, are fabulous in every possible sense and my aim in creating this site is to encourage women to gain their self worth, be inspired, find their identity and to make sure they feel special. Having your own business or being able to contribute financially is about self worth, success, recognition and personal development and STILL being an awesome mum.  It’s about shedding the guilt and realising that you have a life too…”

Philippa Symes at Forever Living Products can be contacted at freedom2choose@tiscali.co.uk

Mums can pick up the phone and call anytime for some valuable help and advice from www.yummymummyjobs.com on 0845 217 9981.

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