Thinking of Flexible Working? Tips to Help You Make Your Case

Image by judepics
Image by judepics

Allowing people to work flexible hours can have benefits for both the employer and the employee. You may be clear about how it will benefit you and your family but If you need to persuade your employer to allow you to work flexibly, you need to come up with some plus points for him or her.

Over at Human Resourses on there is a great article highlighting some ideas you might like to suggest to your boss about the benefits of flexible working for the business. There include:

  • increased employee morale
  • better engagement
  • more commitment to the organisation
  • less absenteeism
  • less lateness

Read the whole article to find more benefits that will help you make your case stronger and persuade your employer.

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  • Thanks so much for the plug. I am a firm supporter of work life balance and the important role that flexible work schedules play in that objective. Spread the word.

    Regards, Susan

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