Mumpreneur Profile: Gill of GGR Glass Services Ltd

Gill Riley
Gill Riley

Business Name: GGR/Unic – GGR Glass Services Ltd – Unic Cranes Europe

I am married to a kiwi with 4 children.  Taylor age 11,  Harley age 7 who is the voice of Peppa in Peppa pig, Rosco who is 5 and Lu Lu who is 3.  I live in Cadmore End.    I bought Byorn Ulvaes from Abba’s house 3 years ago.

I have never been a stay at home mum. I had worked in sales up until setting up my business which I did with my brother. I have continuously since I was 17


 My business launched 11 years ago. I had 5 thousand pounds and bought some vacuum lifters we started to hire them out. Last year we turned over 17 million.


 We promoted the business mainly by attending exhibitions. We had huge support form Rochdale business link. One of the advisers there helped us with financial support and support from there network. We have been very active in our marketing. Great websites, good brochures, mail shots and word of mouth.


I was very surprised and proud to win the Everywomen award last year. It was a very professional awards and there were some very inspiring women there.

Our biggest challenge has been competition trying to join our marked and undercutting our prices.

I manage to juggle everything as I am lucky enough to have a very good Nanny and housekeeper. I also have a fantastic Mum who is always on hand to help my husband If I have to travel abroad. 

My business can’t really offer flexible working. We are so busy and it is such a fast pace if we had someone working for us part time then things would be missed. It is long hours and quite hard work. Lunch is usually at our desks. However the girls in the office are very well paid and can earn up to 5k Xmas bonus. However saying that my office manager has just had a baby and although she feels she couldn’t come back to her old job because of the long hours we have made her a new job where she can come back in part time to build up to full time but less hours. We have also offered her the same wage to do this. She was fantastic and extremely hard working with great work ethics so I would of always found something for her which she was happy with.

We have a great group of girls working with us. They work hard when they need to be we also have a good laugh in the office. When we have had a particularly hard week, I will go and buy us a huge thai buffet and share together. Diets permitting.


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