Top 10 Benefits of being a WAHM

When you’re having one of those days when the thought of sitting in an air-conditioned office in blissful solitude appeals rather more than sitting at your kitchen table trying to work while your children are bickering in the background, then take a deep breath and ponder the following light-hearted advantages of being a work at home mum.


1. Lunch – never again will you have to endure a soggy sarnie or a limp salad. If you fancy a fried egg or fishfinger sandwich you can rustle up whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy!


2. Dress code – Power Suit or PJs? Stilettos or Slippers? It’s a no-brainer!


3. Chores – little and often, these can be spread throughout the week rather than being saved up for a massive cleaning binge at the weekend. They also provide the perfect excuse for delaying making ‘that phonecall’ and in keeping with Health & Safety Regs they can even double up as a screen break for tired eyes!


4. Tea breaks – the kettle’s always on and there are always biscuits in the tin!


5. Off peak – being home all day you can take advantage of cheaper delivery slots for the groceries, cheap weekday deals at the local soft play, snap up those time-critical special offers that land unexpectedly in your Inbox and never miss the auction end of that bargain on eBay!


6. Weather – no commuting to worry about in the rain, snow or the baking heat. And if the sun does decide to shine you can decamp to the garden with your laptop or give yourself an impromptu day off.


7. Sick days – less of a guilt trip for all concerned – you are neither leaving a poorly child or letting down colleagues.


8. Office politics – you don’t have to share an office with Mr Bore, Ms Brainless or Mrs Body Odour. Just add a smiley face to your email correspondence and your customers and clients will never know when you’re having a bad day or feeling hormonal!


9. The Internet – the wonders of modern technology mean that you can email customers, print postage labels, book parcel collections, shop for groceries, plan holidays or day trips, listen to music, keep up with the news and market your business online all at the same time from the comfort of your own kitchen table/sofa/bed/bath (delete as applicable!).


10. Mummy’s Little Helpers – yes they will get under your feet and stop you doing things, but you are there for them, you will never get this time again and you’re being a fantastic role model for the next generation of entrepreneurs!


Never forget ladies – YOU are living the dream!!


By Sam Pearce

Sam is mum to two girls aged 2 & 3 and co-founder of Mum’s The Boss, an informal, child-friendly networking group for WAHMs

Her website is and her blog is

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