Home Educating and Running a Business

Image by Cambodia for Kids.org
Image by Cambodia for Kids.org

How would you manage to run a business if you were also responsible for educating your kids at home? Lots of mums and dads do combine home education and running a business from home too. In this blog post, you can read about how starting a business can contribute to your kids’ education. Whether you home educate or not, getting your kids to understand about business is a valuable lesson. They can pick up maths skills if you ask them to help work out postage. And leanring about how business works, even on a micro scale, is becoming more and more important.

If you home educate and run a business, please comment below and tell me what you do and how it works for you.

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  • Hi,
    I don’t home school but we’re in Spain and schools finish at 2pm so my son is often home when I’m working. My ‘office’ if you can call it that, is situated between the kitchen and the lounge (nice and quiet, not!) so my son is often looking over my shoulder. It’s made him very interested in the internet so I got him his own domain name and showed him how to upload a website. He’s only 8 but is picking it up. Yesterday he saw a macro button in a spreadsheet so now I have to teach him that too! Fun, fun!
    Cheers, Chloe

  • we home educate and run our own business …and not surprisingly, none of my kids have yet expressed a desire to go work in an office 9-5 for someone else… a loss to corporate uk, which is probably why the government would like to interfere in home education right now.

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