Will Your CV Get You The Job?

There is a huge skill base and a wealth of experience that exists with mums returning to work but the reality is that it very difficult for many to get back into the world of employment. The good news is that this is often down to the way you present your CV, which is easy to improve if you follow some simple tips:

Identify what you’re good at.

Based on the assumption that you have been out of the work place for a while, the first thing you need to do is to identify what skill and experience you have. This should include your previous work career; any relevant activities you got involved in at schools or other places such as social clubs. Maybe you have managed projects, events, school trips. Combine it with other skills such as computer skills, admin skills, finance skills. The list is probably endless but you should write it all down and structure your CV around this list.

Do not apply for the wrong jobs

You need to identify the jobs that utilise the skill and experience you have. Applying for jobs that require skill or experience that you don’t have is a waste of your time. Too many people apply for the wrong jobs and wonder why they don’t get them. All any employer wants is to find a good candidate who can do the job they are hiring for, so make sure you only apply for jobs that are relevant to your skill and experience.

The purpose of your CV is not to get you the job.

Do not write a generic CV and then send the same copy to every job you apply for. Your CV needs to be tailored for each position and company and remember this: The purpose of your CV is NOT to get you the job. It is to get you the interview. The purpose of the interview is to get you the job. If your CV is not good enough to get you the interview, you can forget about getting the job so tailor it for the interview.

Tell them what you can do for them.

The employer is not interested in you. They are interested in what you can do for them so tell them and include what benefits they get if they employ you. Will they be better off from employing you? If so tell them why and how. If not, they will not employ you.

Your CV must stand out

Your CV must stand out from the rest. Most employers only glance at CVs and if there is nothing to grab their attention, they will put it back down. Your CV is your sales brochure so make sure that when they read it, they want to meet you. Give them enough information to get their interest but don’t write your life history. Keep the information relevant to the position and the company you are applying for.


Keep your CV relevant, make sure it stands out and will make them want to meet you. The biggest question you should ask yourself when looking at your CV is this: Would you be interested in your CV if you were the employer?

Anthony Haley is a global headhunter and author of The Invisible Candidate www.theinvisiblecandidate.com  

If you’ve got a question about CVs, post it in the comments below, and Antony or I will see if we can help.

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