Book Review: Start and Run a Business from Home ****

Start and Run a Business from Home
Start and Run a Business from Home

If you’re looking for a practical guide to starting a business, written by someone who has been there, try Start and Run a Business from Home: How to Turn Your Hobby or Interest into a Business.

This book is ideal for mums (and dads) who have a hobby or interest which could be a business. It takes you step by step through researching your business idea, getting sales, and marketing the business on a shoestring.

It is easy to read, and has nice boxes with tips and short case studies. It meets my criteria for a book you can learn from in short bursts when the kids give you a couple of minutes peace and quiet.

Author Paul Powers has run business that have succeeded, and can also share lessons he has learnt from a business of his which failed. In the book, he shares 10 ideas for businesses which work well from home too.

As with all books of this sort, keep some sticky notes or a pad and pen close by so you can write down actions and highlight points which are relevant to your business. If you stick with what this book suggests, you should be able to get your business off to a great start.

Mumpreneur Rating ****

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