Life Coach Profile: Fran and Sarah of Rethink Personal Development LLP

We are Rethink- Fran Hill and Sarah Grant with an average age of 39 ½!  We each have two children, our boys, George and Cameron are in the same class at school (both 6) and that’s how we met- school pick up time.  We got together because we share a common vision of helping women after they have had children in deciding what they want to do next.  We both found motherhood a time of huge change and personal reflection and both moved into different careers after children; Fran is an antenatal teacher with the NCT and Sarah is a life coach.  As Rethink we run group life coaching sessions for mums who are facing a crossroads; back to previous career? Stay at home with the children? Start a new business?  It’s not about telling mums what to do- that wouldn’t work, it’s about giving mums the opportunity to explore in a confidential and supportive environment, their options for moving their lives forward.

We started Rethink in July 2008 and have run a pilot course with mums recruited from the school gate- it proved very popular and buoyed up with lots of positive feedback we are running further courses this year.  These are early days and we would say that our biggest challenge so far is getting our name and what we do out there to mums.  We have a fabulous product- now we need to tell the world (well more specifically, Oxfordshire where we are based!).  We have had some great articles in the local press and some well place adverts and leaflets are bringing in enquiries. 

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