Life Coach Profile: Sue of Positive Parenting

Sue Atkins, 48, is athe Uk’s leading parent coach and runs her own business, Positive Parents=Confident Kids. Sue is married, with two children, Will age 16 and Molly, 14. She lives in Lingfield, Surrey.

Sue says, Sue says, ” I was working as a Deputy Head, after 22 years in teaching when both my parents began to have serious illnesses, and I needed to take time out to look after them. When they died in the same year it was traumatic, and made me look more closely at my own life. There are two books which started me on the journey to becoming a Parent Coach. Fiona Harrold’s Be Your Own Life Coach and Suzy Greaves’ Making the Big Leap. The exercise in Suzy’s book where you look at where you might be aged 80 made me take a really hard look at my life and where I wanted to go next and I realised I didn’t want to work in teaching for another 20 years. I was very lucky that my Dad gave me the gift of self esteem: so my passion and mission now is to work with parents to help them give their children the same gift.

“In order to work as a coach, I joined the Coaching Academy which lead on to a diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I then took Paul McKenna’s NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer qualification. I went on to join Tony Robbins’ Mastery University, and still attend for training every six months or year. I see it as vital to get coached myself: every coach should have a coach. I see it as vital and very empowering to get coached myself : every coach who takes their work seriously benefits from having a coach to help them move forward.

“Once I was working as a coach, I was invited to write Raising Happy Children for Dummies, which was great honour and a super experience as one of my childhood ambitions was to become a journalist. I loved writing and that has become a key part of how I promote my products and services. When I looked at what high profile coaches like Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna and Bob Proctor do, they all offered products and run workshops. I now have a range of Parenting Made Easy products available through my website. I can be lying in bed and people in Australia, China and Canada are buying my products and getting the benefit of my work. I’ve studied all sorts of marketing and in particular permission marketing where you give a free e-book, ecourse, report or newsletter to encourage people to sign up for your information and then you have their permission to market regularly to them. Coaching is a business and you have to see it as such. I’ve sat up many a late night studying Search Engine Optimisation, field sales, google adsense and Twitter so I know people will find my website and now I’m really excited to be creating a parenting club on my website with a forum, to give people a community.”

Sue has some tips to help if you want to become a coach:
1. The impression is often given that to become a coach all you need is a phone, and you’ll make lots of money. In fact it is not that easy to become a high profile coach.
2. Don’t leave your day job right away!!
3. Get well trained.
4. It is all about marketing yourself, following up leads and creating products.
5. Know your niche: I’m passionate about developing self esteem for kids through working with their parents and also empowering parents with their own parenting self confidence
6. To be successful you need a team: I couldn’t have done this without a webmaster and a brilliant publisher.
7. You have to run a tight ship: if you don’t have clients, you can’t put petrol in your car!
8. Be systematic. I set goals every night for the next day, it’s really important to walk your talk!.
9. Take regular small actions every day to make a big difference to your life over time.
10. Look back every month or year to see how far you’ve come.

11.Network for England to make long term great relationships as these people become your sales force too !

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