Business Ideas: Grab a Bucket

Have you thought of car cleaning as the ultimate low cost start up business?

Bubble Squeak is a brand new social enterprise that aims to enable some of the 2.2 million unemployed people in the UK back in a position of earning a living. What is more, Bubble Squeak is  making it easy for would-be car cleaners to have a strong brand and image without having to pay out for costly promotion.

Bubble Squeak is encouraging people to grab a bucket and clean cars with the power, confidence and backing of a national brand. The whole idea of Bubble Squeak is about applying the big business rules of branding and marketing to nofrills car cleaning. Bubble Squeak already has a professional image with it’s logo, promotional photography, design style, flyers and a sophisticated website that contains a searchable directory of all Bubble Squeak car cleaners.
The services of Bubble Squeak are pitched at every car owner that just wants their car kept clean. A very
simple, no-frills hand wash for about a fiver with an optional polish. Bubble Squeak is working hard to secure sponsorship deals to hopefully eliminate start up costs and provide car cleaners with all the marketing materials and tools they will need to promote their services and earn their living.

It is entirely free to become a Bubble Squeak car cleaner: the enterprise is looking for a car cleaner for every town across the UK. Bubble Squeak could help as many as 2000 people, but the immediate goal is to enable at least 100 unemployed people to start earning their own living by Friday 31st July.

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